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[Interview] Priyansh Modi Speaks to ArijitAvinash.

Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
86 months ago

The ArijitAvinash Show With Priyansh Modi.

 So Guys finally I m there back with you Lots of tyme since my Last Forum Post I think more than 1 Month So Finally Had to Roll Out Again Just For u All Guys ..

But then Came the Question who will I Interview …Taught and Taught Lots Finally Came that one Name….Priyansh Modi.


Lots to Speak to you all Guys Today Apart from the Usual Hitwicket Battles and some Fabulous Meetups Happening Around India ..O”oo I Think I should Say World..


Today we will be UpClose with someone Who is a Real Face of Hitwicket,Someone Who has seen Hitwicket Growing From the Start ,One of the Most Perfect Hitwicketiers and Finally one of the Most Respected Managers Of this Game.


Welcoming  You To Our Studios..Sir Priyansh Modi..


(Claps) So Sir Firstly Thank You For Being Here..


So Guys here we Start…


 1.Nearing 2 years in this game now how has it been like being a part of Hitwicket?

Honestly? Phenomenal! This is one game which has given me some amazing Friends, Have spent Hours and Hours on this game, Its now Part of my life! Not as Easy to move away!


2.Stratgically winning a Game or Friendship what matters you the most? Reason?

No Question- Friendship! The Game is good, its fun, but if it was not for those Friends- Special shout to Trollers and Whatsapp Group frnds here- I would have quit the game long back!


 3.What are Your Game plans For the Coming 2 to 3 seasons.?

Am Super Excited actually. I am shifting to Batting Training very soon- within 5 weeks, And You can say very close to my aim- Going for I.1

Without trying to sound Arrogant, I feel I would be in Div 1 after 3 seasons (Can be 2) and after that- within next 2-3 seasons from there- Will try to dominate the game as much as possible!


 4.Your Recent Match Engine blashout after ur U20 Match lose was talked upon a was it like for u after putting lots of preparation for this U20?

Was Super frustrated. Actually, there were too many “ODD BALLS” in the game- and World Cup had been a bad experience. But when a Frnd who had spent 4 seasons on u20 got out in such a fashion, it was the last straw. Was Frustrated, And felt that the game is just not evolving or improving!

 5.Getting Elected as the HC For any state is always a great feeling? How was Feeling after winning the Elections?

It was of immense Pride. People trusted me enough to think I can lead the great state of Karnataka- it was honestly a humbling experience. And while the ride was not that great, the moment definitely was. J I am still grateful to Karnataka Voters for their trust!

 6.Karnataka Knights had an average campaign under your managment..What is Your Review over how this season went for ur team?

Frustrating. I would be first to admin- we were below par. Karnataka has great squad depth and balance- and while might not have as many superstars as others, we felt we would have done well.

But certain tactics didn’t work, some matches we felt we should have won, we did not, one we won which we should not have, and loss 5 tosses in a row- It was definitely frustrating.


But it made me realize one thing- I am not cut for being a HC or even AC. I am very competitive- I cant take it if such Odd Balls make a state team crash out of the tourney and so, I am definitely not standing for next Elections! J

Now Before The Next Question Here Comes Our Surprise Round…

Guys we Have with us one of my  best friends and more greatly a Great Support and a Friend of our Guest Today.

Guys we have with us  Sir Varun Nadode.

We Got in Touch with just few days back and asked him if he could do a special segment for us and he  readily accepted like always..

So We have A Skype Video Of his Interview Completely and Completely about just one name “Priyansh Modi.”

 1.      You are someone who has been Priyansh’s friend for many years. How would you rate him first, apart from his popular Hitwicket Image.

          This looks as easy as hard it is :P. I am not sure what does rating him exactly mean here. Oh well, I will just say what comes in my mind :P.

          Priyansh has always been a very focused person. He aimed to get into the IIMs, he did. He plans so well and executes it all even better. Calculating money matters, analysing max profitable situations, coming out with WIN-WIN situations for all is a piece of cake for him. The fun he derives from these things immense. He is a pakka Gujju :P. Dildaar, but will have his things calculated. He will spend his money, time or efforts on things he finds worth it. Sell him a Hookah at high cost, he won’t mind :P. Well yeah, he will prefer the cheaper one but ready to go for costlier one too ;). He has things in priority. He knows where he wants quality and where he wants to get things done reasonably.

          He is a great friend. Always ready to help others. He will always look out to help everyone. Even though, he does not show it, but he values his friends a lot. He is ready to do anything for his friend’s gains. But, at the same time he will never compensate on his own big plans. You could call him Mr. Practical :P.

Oh man, and what an ego he has :P. Difficult to handle that ego of his for sure :P. In all, he is a great friend to have. And even a greater person from whom you can learn a lot. It is just awesome to have him as a friend since 7 years now :)

  2.      Priyansh has reached many heights through his Hitwicket campaign. How does it feel after someone u know from many has achieved something great!

To be honest, I am not surprised. He is good with finances, he is good with long term strategies and he executes them so well, that it is very much obvious that he would excel in such games. It feels great that one of my closest friend is such a popular HW Manager. Because of him even our popularity is a bit affected positively :P. It just feels awesome that he is popular where there are users in 5 digits and almost every active user knows him. Really feel very proud of him. Though, that pride comes more for the way he manages his team than his popularity.


  3.      What are your views on his Popular HW Image?

Like I said earlier, I feel awesome and proud of him that he is popular at a platform with such a high number of users. Really feel very proud of him. Though, that pride comes more for the way he manages his team than his popularity. His popularity is actually one of the smaller achievements of his here in HW. He gained popularity in very early days of his in HW. I was yet to join the game. Forums had started to pick up and Priyansh was gathering all the knowledge he could. Then in many newbie threads, he helped many newbies with various thing through this knowledge of all the basic concepts and other things. That is how he actually became popular at first. Then, not many people used to be active at the forums. If you actually see his team of that team, it was just an ordinary middle ranked Div VI Team :P. So he was a popular manager of a future great team.


  4.      Speak your heart out the Special Friendship Bond u share with him.

This is your favourite question I think :P. And the most difficult one for us :P

Most of it I have already mentioned previously. Apart from that, let me take you all back 7 years ago. We met first 7 years ago in first Sem of our BBA in Symbiosis. We are a group of 13-14 guys and no girls :P. We all were yet to know each other properly. Some of us were older friends. Like Karan (Owner of Blade Children) and Priyansh are childhood friends. Chaitanya W (The Law) and me knew each other from classes for entrance exams. While, Chaitanya P (Bouncer) was also with us whom I know from even before due to Ragnarok and other online gaming stuff :P.

First Sem some of us were new to each other, so most of us actually became friends during the 2nd Sem due to our CS sessions in the Computer Lab :P. Then we switched to AOE in the 3rd Sem. Often we played Cricket, where we all sucked due to rustiness :P. And then those long hours of Table Tennis during the later Semesters. We all built a great bonding with each other. We could hardly sit idle ever. Summers and Birthdays were the special occasions that brought us all together even after the college hours. Be it Internships, the trips to Khandala and Mahabaleshwar or our Grand vacation in Goa. And then later on, never needed any reason to party :P. Even now we are expecting him to come to Pune soon before his holidays end, so we can have another grand celebration of his Birth Day and new job. Can’t wait for it :D.

 This was Our Special Segment...Thank you Varun..Really Lots nd Lots Of Help By ur Side...So GUys This was Varun Nadode Completely Unplugged!!

Interview Continues

7. This season your promotion to Div 3 seems Sure How will it Be like in Div 3..Any Big game plans?

The Big Moment will come next season- when I would finally break my bank, go on spending spree and hopefully will become a STRONG team from a Good team.

Definitely excited!

 8.The Most Highest Point Of You HW Career?

Tough to say. Have won some amazing Bet matches and unofficial matches. Have helped few Friends in their campaigns and enjoyed those a lot too. But If have to select one thing from my HW achievements, it has to be my comeback in Division 3 in season 10 or 11, I forgot which.

 Was in Relegation. Was a BV trainer, so every match had 2 or 3 weak bowlers. And suddenly, just went on a winning streak in 2nd half of the season by some change of tactics- and not only survived but I think finished 3rd.

 Staying competitive in a League as a BV trainer- in good league I mean- Believe me, its not tough. I find that one of my biggest achievement of Hitwicket.

9.Freindship has Grown a Lot Through HitWicket How was it Like after finding so many friends.

True. Hitwicket, for me, Is about Friends. Have made so many Friends that I can not even name them all as I am sure I will miss some names.

But Trollers, the Whatsapp Group, those 2 deserve special mention. If they were not there, I would probably have not been much into this game.. Friends is what makes this game FUN and Interesting for someone like me.

 10.You Have seen this game from almost the start..How would you Rate this game on what it was earlier and now..?

Not sure how many will agree with me here—But I find the game less amazing compared to before.

Or rather- in other words- while the new changes are great, I am one of those who is starting to question Match Engine screw ups these days a lot more.

 While some will argue that there were screw ups before, I personally felt that they were few and far in between.

Nowdays though, its another case. The weaker team winning cases, the crazy score or margins, etc are a lot…

 If I have to relate it with something- I would say- Earlier it was Raw but Predictable, dependable and fun. Now, its more finished and polished yet more unpredictable, exciting yet frustrating.

 11.Your Message to the Upcoming Newbies and all ur Fans out there?

Take this opportunity to make some friends. I have made many- Met quite a few of them- going to meet some more- and believe me, this game is about Community. Think Long Term, Plan 3 seasons ahead, Ignore those who tell you that only This is way to succeed and have Focussed Aim- and target it- be it I.1, winning I.1, Winning u20, having best Bowling line up, Or Batting line up- or individual superstar. Don’t keep changing your goal!


12.Rapid Fire...

1.Kashyap Reddy- Rational, Social and with hell lot of Patience

2.Mr.Match Engine. – Assuming you mean Real Match Engine :p and Not Alagappan. For former- Unpredictable, Often illogical and Definitely Drunk few hours every day :p

3.Varun Nadode  Old Friend, Co-Troller, and immensely smart Manager – one of the Few Batting trainer who, when complains, though I might argue, I do listen and think over it- coz he’s very rational. Thinks things through. And does not cry wolf.

4.Neo.  Competitor. Rival earlier, Decent Friend now.

5.Delhi Firehawks.  Unlucky early on, Lucky later- Deserving Champions though!

6.Ishan. A great Guy, Rarely in controversy, And amazing manager- know as have faced him and Delhi both- in my league and World cup league.

7.Your Dear Karnataka Supporters. – Passionate. Ambitious. Supportive. Thankful to them- And apologize for not reaching the heights which I thought of.

8.T d Vikas.  Brilliant in Moments- Crazy rest of the time :p He could very well become the guy to give Asharbh and Kashyap a real challenge in I.1 soon. Has a disease called tdvitis.

9.Form Factor in Hitwicket. Don’t disagree much with it. Though do think that it should not last for 5-6 weeks at a stretch or more. The change in system has not really worked. Needs to be reconsidered and rethought.

 13.Say A Vote of thanx ..Speak YYour Heart Out!

 Have actually said all I had to say J

But once again- Thanks for Hitwicket that I have got so amazing Friends. Be it the pimp in Goa :p, The Guy who actually got me Alcohol from Bangkok, The guy who gave me treat when we met in Aurangabad, The Guy who is offline these days but with whom I had immense fun in Trolling, or the group where I spent my majority of hours- and many more- but just some of those examples- this is what the game has given me.

Its not about Winning- though I will definitely try for that.

Its not about Respect. Nor about Popularity as someone said.

Its about them—Friends! Thanks Hitwicket …

So This a Wrap from this Episode Of "The ArijitAvinash Show" Do Send in Your Views and Suggestions .Need them Really like Gems,Hoping to Increase the Frequency of my Forum Posts ,Till then Be Safe Stay Smart..

.                                         ...ArijitAvinash (Noel Chacko) Fort Kochi X1



DoobsBuntsNCicks (cool'brute)
86 months ago
yes yes... we all know yashu.... yashu is christ blah blah blah, now can we stop this cheating discussion      -_-... seriously guys, an interview of such a great soul is here and you are ruining it all... fucking god won't forgive you -_-
Lizzie (C'est ton fini)
86 months ago
I havr already said sorry for posting here. Btw unbreakable jealous for what that ur god is cheater has multi and got fine in millions? Actually i am happy because of this and other things devs gave me 2 creidts and mrp for free. No more comment from me after this will unsub frim here. Srry again priansh and arijit bros
DoobsBuntsNCicks (cool'brute)
86 months ago
TheHulkster (Hulkster), what are u? 2 yr old or what -_-
86 months ago
TheHulkster (Hulkster) u r just dng silly things here dont spam here .....
Lizzie (C'est ton fini)
86 months ago
And ur cheater friend who ia telling all his blind followers to come here just to comment and support him that he is not a cheater when he is.. is not spamming? Lol
Bluff master (Match Engine 11)
86 months ago
He is my god.....:-p I'm 3 month old than Yashu on hw and u say I'm his blind follower.....don't spoil here....BTW sorry bhai arijit avinash.......your interview help our to know about sir priyansh modi.....who is such a respected guy in hitwicket world
Satyasarthak (Shree)
86 months ago
bagde....bhai superwoman ko bula ab.....these guys wont stop without her
Bluff master (Match Engine 11)
86 months ago
Sorry shaktimaan.....
Ahmad Raza (pakistanxi)
86 months ago

Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
86 months ago
Thnx For ur Responses guys ...


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