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The ArijitAvinash Show with Neo (Ep-1)

Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago

The ArijitAvinash Show…(IC CUP Special)

Lots and lots of thinking behind this venture for me after the successful Hit wicket Craze Episodes which will be a regular feature I thought for something more, then came the time regarding what should I do finally came to my minds why not some India  cup regarding forum…..Saw Yash Puthran’s  Questions for nominees post and finally came to my mind what about taking interview’s of winners’ or the people who are the backbone regarding every state team or region like AC’S And technical staff etc…

SO Guys now explaining you the concept….This show would now be a regular feature for around 2 months…5 Episodes ,10 Interviews of either AC’S Or HC’S…Promise 23 Months of complete bash! More to say every episode would consist of 2 interviews…

So now lets get started…….

Interview 1….

1000 words to describe him….The love for HWE neva dies when he is around a superb manager who mixes humour with brains and u ay neva forget his “Hot Blondes Ki Kasam” Dialogues..Presenting you the Assistant coach of Assam Rhinos..

Tleostoy ….

1.       1.Story Of Your Entry In Hitwicket –

Yeah I Remember The Date.Its The Most Historical Day Of India 15th August.I Got An Invitation Link From Namit Agarwal.I Clicked On It & Somehow I Managed To Creat My Team Heroes Of Hell.

2.Heroes Of Hell Or Assam Rhinos?Most Priority To Which And Reason

-Assam Rhinos For Sure.I Love My Team And Yes I Want To Do Well For My Team.But My State Team Is More Important For Me.Its A Dream For Me To Lead And Watch My State Doing Well At The Grand Stage And I Will Try My Level Best For This

3.Your 1 Big Dream In Hitwicket?

 -As I Have Already Mentioned Earlier Leading My State And Making It The No 1 Is My Dream.I Also Want To Creat A Team Where All Players Give Red Stars Atlease In One Department.Big Dreams But Not Impossible

 4.Talk About Assam Rhinos

 -Assam Rhinos Have Great Management Staffs.All Guys Are Very Friendly And Talented.They Listen To Each Other And That's Why I Like This Management Team.All The Managers Here Love To Work For The Team And This Is Why Even With Very Less Assamese Users We Are Doing Very Well At The Grand Stage

5.Talk About Hrishikesh Pathak

 -This Guy Is Absolutely Fantastic And A Good Leader.Someone Who Is Talented,Friendly & A Must Have Manager At Management Staff.Simply Awesome

6.Explain In One Sentence

1*DJ -Great Editor And Friend.Love To Work With Him

2*Me -Talented;Surely The Next Editing Star Of Hitwicket

3*Assam Rhinos -Getting Better & Stronger Day By Day

4*Your League -Great Managers And Competition

5*U20 -"Gyi Paise Paani Me" I Mean To Say "Gyi Paise U20 Me"

6 *Kashyap Reddy -A Great Developer But Drunker Kashyap Daaruwala

7*Priyansh Modi -Bandariya Having Brain

8*ElectricPiya -Owner Of A Great Team But Too Much Electrical

 7.That Feeling After Becoming AC?

-It Was Great.Just Want To Work Hard Stay Away From The Spotlight And Keep Winning For Our Supporters..

 8.Vote Of Thanks And Speak Your Heart Out

-Loved The Interview.Love Your Posts.Thanks For Inviting Me For Your Show.

It Was Nice Talking To You.Have A Great Hitwicket Journey!!!

 So Guys this was tleostoy with you....

Interview 2...

One of the best manager of division 4 a real of the most respected currently beat the division 1.1 all star team...presenting to you all ..
Sir Neo...
1.Ur entry or your journey into hitwicket...

-I play a lot of ageof empire..Actually I am pretty good at it. My mentor and me and some other

friend have a clan name desiboyz on it's very feared there. One day My mentor invited me to play hitwicket for 100 fans and rest is history. now I can beat my mento MAxx MAsters any time


Neo the Nemesis or South African IC Cup team which wuld u prefer more...reason!!

Absolutely Neo the Nemesis. Its my own baby. I love my players. They all are my creation. never restarted training and still managed to great awesome bowlers and now even awesome batsman. And managing a state or country team is easy than managin your team, trust me. Although I will see to it that SA also do best of best this season despite having avg team.

3 . South African "Roadies"How did that name come...

Team is new…. All the players are new and as well as the mangers HC and ACs . So we were thinking of name what could be better for team with new beginning and some one coined Rodaies. Go rodies and create history

4.The feeling after becoming HC of south Africa…

Honestly I was feeling very bad. My reputation was tarnished. I was unnecessarily brought into silly fights. Lost my cool, abused 1-2 people for first time here for this stupid online game. And to make it worse one my good friend started hating me .

5. Explain each of these in 1 sentence.

1 . Kashyap Reddy- The perfect salesman/Businessman

2.Mr.Pig- Shammi Kapoor, in movie Junglee-

3.Yash Puthran- Joking..he is nice person. A quite person and

very good manager here..

4. . Electric Piya-- the gentle man of hw..

5. League 1.1 Don't worry me ,priyansh and TD are coming there to kick every team

6.Ur League -- Another one of my creation, People find easy ;league to survive and I created a monster league to play..

For the same reason I may finish at second position again

7..IC cup or WC Cup…- This time WC next time IC with SA

Q.6 6.Plans and aspirations for South Africa

Aspiration- I am big fan of Sa bowling so wanted to manage SA, All the preparation has been done..we have a  team ready lets how it pans out

Q. 7.The place where u see ur team after 3-4 season..

-either winning a U-20 and then quitting HW or fighting for 1.1

Q8.Speak ur heart out say a vote of thanx.

I was very defensive in playing hw. I often used to avoid playing strong teams and going with defensive startegy. Untill I met with Lord Munriho and Sushant gaur. I realized my team true potential after that and go on defeating 1.1 all star team and also the 4 dev teams and currently I have conquered 21 regions in Hitwicket conquest. All because these people told me I can do this. thank lord mourinho and sushant..

So guys this was our 1st episode..hope you support us and please also post ur reviews im waiting....

-ArijitAvinash (fort kochi x1)


Aamir Shipra (eleven morons)
88 months ago
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
Sir IndianMourinho (TheSpecialOne) Superb Bro..;);P
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
thnx for the likes guys!!
Aamir Shipra (eleven morons)
88 months ago
anything for u man
Aamir Shipra (eleven morons)
88 months ago
anything for u man
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
Thnx gor ur reviews need more!!
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
28 likes and counting way to go!!
Gone_Fella (Swing Sedative Warlords)
88 months ago
Grt Work!!
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
30 likes thanx guys my last 3 forum posts have touched 30


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