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(Newsroom) Hitwicket Craze with Varun Nadode(Ep-3)

Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago

Hey Guys back again,lots of things buzzing around hitwicket from last week lots and lots to speak to you be it HW IC cup be it the elections and the mega U20 finals this week is going to be damn classy…Todays episode has lots in store for you ..Be it our Star interview of Sir Varun Nadode ,our analysis on the U20 finals and finally opinions of several nominees of the IC Cup..

So guys lets get started its truly going to be a bash…….

Todays  episode…..

1..Hitwicket World Cup or the IC Cup….  

2..The Background story of the best Unofficial Tournament of Hitwicket....Hitwicket Liar Varun Nadode...

3..Nominees talk....Interview of some Nominees of IC Cup..

4..Analysis of Hitwicket Premier Division...1.1

5..My Glorious U20 journey...... By Electricpiya..

6..Some Popular Unofficial Tournaments....

7..U20 finals Talk and Reviews....

8..Star Interview....Sir Varun Nadode...

9..previous episodes incase you have missed.

1.Hitwicket World cup and IC Cup......

The best thing even to hear around all those spectaculations regarding whether there is going to be a India Cup or no..Our pround owner Kashyap announced a double treat for every hitwicket member by bringing in the Hitwicket Ic and World cup.....So therefore double the excitement and to add more fun he also announced that these cup would now on become a regular feature.,increasing happiness But real fun had started right from the day elections started with lots of buzz regarding who to vote and updates Regarding the votes on the fb page doubled the excitement with the last date of voting to be today most the candidates may be nerve wrecked they will win or not..If you have so far not voted for your favorite candidate please do vote and let the best candidate win..further announcement regarding IC Cup is promised to announced after the end of the elections...You may be not ,but if you have missed the official announcement forum for IC Cup.. Please visit the given Link...

2.The Background Story of the best unofficial tournament of HW...

"Hitwicket Liar Game"...

The credit goes to Priyansh Modi. He was the man behind the concept of the HW Liar Game - Beta. It is inspired from a popular Japanese manga turned anime turned series, named "Liar Game". It was really difficult to get that complexity installed into a cricket strategy game - HitWicket. We had to think over it a lot and had to work on those numbers really well, trying to make calculations of different strategies and be sure it would make people think their brains out :D. HW Liar Game was something that I am most proud of in my full 1 year of HW. We were so excited about it as just organizers and were really trying hard that all participants also understand the crux of the tourney and they enjoy it equally. Thanks to all those legendary managers like Satya sir, Ishan sir, TD, Anil, BD, SC sir, Blank, and every one (too long list, keeping short) as they were the ones who made it so interesting. They all understood the game so well and so Priyansh and I got what we really wanted. So with all this, Priyansh and I always believed that no matter what people think, this is the best tourney in HW so far. Especially the concept!! So when the awards thing was going on. Many accusations were going on that it is fair or not and all such things. I knew in my heart that whoever wins Liar Game is going to be best for me and many others. And when the award results were declared, Priyansh and I were delighted that yes it is not just who feel Liar Game is best but many many people share the same view :). Even if Liar Game was a concept by someone else, I would have loved it always. After that we can see the type of tournaments have changed a lot. A huge variety has come up. All are trying to think out of the box. New and interesting events everywhere. Proud to be one of the first ones to bring something totally unique and complex, which forces people to whack their brains out :D

                                                 -Sir Varun Nadode....

3.Nominees Talk..Interview of Some HC Nominees....

Election craze around hitwicket is growing day by day the real fun is now becoming doubled as excitement increases for what the future holds in HW..And this excitement is heartthrobing for all the IC Cup or Hitwicket World Cup nominees...So planned why not i ask out some of the nominees itself what and how does it feel after becoming a candidate for a region or a country...So lets start our journey!!

1.Hrishikesh Pathak ...Candidate Assam..

So its a special feeling to file nomination for my home state and i will be very happy  to lead Assam in WC. I am not going to make any promises. But i can assure u that Assam will be team to beat in the upcoming cup :D

2.Bharadwaj...Candidate Zimbabwe.

A..Feeling after nominating Urself For the Position Of Head Coach of Zimbabwe.
I'm feeling just like how I would feel any other day. Nomination itself doesn't make me special in any way. If I win, I would feel somewhat different... I hope we win. :) 

B.Things u promise to do for Zimbabwe.
I wrote about this in my questions for Nominees post, and in my election speech also. I want to make Zimbabwe team get noticed as a contender for the cup. Right now, looking at so many people not taking the team seriously, I would say that that's the first thing that needs to be done. Next thing would be do make opponents feel the "heat". Zimbabwe needs to be taken seriously as a team that could win the cup. Real life Zimbabwe mayn't look like that, but Hitwicket Zimbabwe should... :P

C.Things in ur leadership that will be different from others
Ahh, I don't know... To be honest, Zimbabwe seems like a fairly weak team. This is the first time Zimbabwe is having a team for itself. It's a challenge to recruit good players first. There's a lot to do. 

How am I different? I would be one of those leaders who would be trying to get their team "noticed", rather than trying different "tactics" to win the cup. This is needed for Zimbabwe. A team without fans, players or fame doesn't go too far. I have some plans to get this done. I will do them once the elections end. That said, if we can recruit few good players, we can definitely win the cup. !!

3.Sir SC...Candidate Kerala..

1.What is the feeling after filling your nomination for the position of head coach of kerala ?
~~ Firstly let me Tell You I respect the state Kerala on the note of its excellent education system and the educated People Of Kerala. Beauty of Kerala also adds another feather to it !
While I was thinking in my Mind which state I should Opt in for this feeling of mine finally compelled me to file my Nomination from Kerala.
So I feel great to be here as the H.C. Candidate for Kerala.

2.Where do you see Kerala if you get elected as HC ?
~~ Elections are going on and U find many contestants claiming that if they win they will Give U India Cup/  will Give u World Cup etc etc. to their Region. But you also know this is not possible, as Only 1 Region can get India Cup & 1 Region can get World Cup !  :)
So, before I commit anything I try to ask myself  whether what I am saying to the people is just a sudden thought of my Brain to get votes or is it my internal belief which I can surely do.
I only assure that I will left no stone un turned to take Kerala to the extreme possible limit &  make it reach the Zenith of Success !! 
Yes for this I also need all dear Keralite friends co operation & Trust on me.

3.1 big change you would bring to kerala if you are the HC.. ?
~ If I win I will ensure that I take the advice and guidance of the Kerala Managers first. When I am a H.C. I feel I am bound by the promise I make to the managers.. Instead of 2 A.C. (which may be mandatory) I always would take into the sentiments of Kerala managers and talk to them on their suggestion & views..
No decision will I take unanimously without consulting other Managers.
Even today those who all are contesting from Kerala are also my dear Friends, & If I win, I would request their views also. Its Unity what Kerala will stand for ! During Election we may be contestants, but all throughout the Year we are Friends ! :)
So as U asked 1 change-- I would say Make Kerala Fight with 'UNITY' !!

4.Yash Puthran....Candidate .Jharkhand..

1. Feeling good. Expecting support for my Jharkhand Brothers and even if i don't win i will extent my full support towards the development of the team in any possible way.

2. I promise to better than the previous 2 seasons. With good talent nurtured by previous HC's [ Thanks to them ] Jharkhand now posses a good team which can be competitive.

3. I will be setting a panel of 10 Jharkhand Managers. Along with my AC's these will be managers who will discuss and analyse our every step as well analyse the opponent. I will listen to them all, take their suggestions and analyse them and decided the best one for the team. All people who want to suggest anything can contact anyone of them or can even directly approach me. I think this thing makes me different from others.

Once again Thanks for the Opportunity.

Hope i win and take the team forward. Hail Jharkhand and Vote for me Brothers :)

5.Sir SD....Candidate Tripura...

The Tripura Titans team had been doing quite badly ever since the inception of the India Cup. And, while I was looking at the games in particular, I thought along with the quality f players, the one thing that went missing from most of the matches was fresh ideas. I think I have that ability to strategize with fresh ideas, coupled with my experience in HW so far. That's why I want to be HC of Tripura.
My passion for my motherland, and my ability to strategize and win against toughest of opponents. The same question was also asked by Sandy I guess. I had been up against much stronger opponents quite often in my HW career so far; and I had been playing with my brains ever since. 

Really thank you guys for your interviews....

4.Analysis of Hitwicket Premier Division 1.1
This is heating up after 15 games down still there is the question lying who woulsd take the premier division..currently after 15 matches down Our defending Champions Cyclops managed by Sir Asharbh stands still at numero uno position with 22 points and at the second spot Sir Kashyap managed Army Ants are also with 22 points...followed closely by screwballs at 3rd with 20 points in their kitty...
The relegation spot survival is also heating up as 5 teams are fighting for not getting relegated .. So Hold ur nerves till the end to find out the winner!!

5.My Glorius U20 Journey....By ElectricPiya
u20 finalist electricpiya opens up his heart before the most awaited u20 finals ..Through a forum titled my u20 chronicles ..a complete textbook stuff for every u20 aspirant regarding how to reach the pinnacle of success filled with emotions this forums truly a gem  which includes all the hardships endured by him to reach till where he is now ,its something you should neva miss!! If so far u have not read it please visit the below given forum link!!

6.Some popular unofficial tournaments currently around hitwicket!!
1.The Great Indian Championship Season 1 by Sujan and Sir Suvidh--200 teams means a lot this tournament with 200 teams playing it can be a big talking point with fourth round to happen this wednesday i think.. this tournament is something worth to follow And with also lots of prizes to be given it is surely gaining lots and lots of attention...

2.Hitwicket's Liar Game Season 2-By Sir Varun N--THis Tournament is another tournament which has got Lots of popularity .After the first season been awarded the best unnofficial tournament in the hitwicket awards this season of hitwickets liar game seems surely to be a bash....With all the big Personalities around hitwicket plaing in this tourney it would be a delight to watch and a learning curve for various newbies....Surely My Favourite.

7.U20 finals talk and reviews!!
The grand finals to happen today surely something to watch out for!! The 2 most favorite teams line up for the battle today at 17:00 at muttonchops arena..its Fools knaves and heros vs oink oink...the ultimate clash between a splendid batting trainer versus a classy spin bowling trainer....Fools knaves ansd heros manager electricpiya has announced that he will not be present at the venue like the quarterfinals and finals due to fear of heartbreaks or overjoyed happiness......
Fools Knaves N Heros v Oink Oink 
1.Both Team are Massive Great For the Finals. First I would like to Say "All the Best To Both Of you".  I am Going With Mr.Pig - Oink Oink :) ...
-Sreeniks Sree 

2.I AM going with Fools knaves and heros because he is a batting trainer-Bharadwaj..

3.oink oink definately-sir rishi ahuja

4.Oink oink-Guna Shekar

5.Fools knaves surely -Sir Mr King....

6.Fools knaves and heros-Predicting for my side can't lose heart before we lose ;) !!

8.Star Interview- Sir Varun Nadode....
Really one of my greatest honours to interview him the founder of hitwicket's liar game sir varun nadode....
Outside a plush tall bulding i was waiting eagerly for getting his interview then when he came out of the building having a chat with Priyansh Modi on his phone i asked him out for an interview and  he readily accepted!!
1. Story of your entry into HW....
-Well it was in August 2013 when Priyansh, my mentor asked me to join this game. I at first thought it is just another random game on FB. I also asked him to join some stupid game I was playing those days. I did not show much enthusiasm in HW then, but still checked out on it because 1. It was about cricket, and 2. It was about strategy and management. And I like both. Especially I am mostly into strategy games and MMORPGs. So initially I started checking out about it, started liking it a little and so asked more friends to join in. They joined just 5 days after me and we 3-4 friends were in the same league, which increased our interest about the game. The game felt really slow initially as a newbie. But then gradually we all got used to the pace of this amazing strategy game where we manage a cricket club over a very very long period of time. Then I started visiting forums, discussed about various HW things with online and offline friends who play it. Then one fine day we all (Ari, Bala, Saurabh x 2, Priyansh, Hema, Chaitanya, Vikas and all) happened to stumble upon each other in this thread where people were having discussion over the bid war on an absolute Gem (He wasn’t above Hopeless in any skill and got sold for over a million :P). And that is when Trollers was formed and I feel that is my true entry into the this amazing universe of HitWicket. 2. Highest point of ur HW Career. -My career has actually just began. Talking about highest point is something to be done by people who have had a long successful career already But well I did have some small achievements like reaching Div IV once, but I got relegated Had a bad luck. Then as an organiser of unofficial tourneys I have achieved a lot I feel. A praise from Kashyap for one of my tournament. A tournament that made top managers also wait eagerly for. An award for best unofficial tournament. Then there are moments like being AC of Meghalaya and taking the team Meghalaya Dragons to victory against bigger teams. Well these small things matter. But a real high point is actually yet to come and hope it comes soon. 3. The most exciting feature in HW that you love the most. -Actually just one feature does not make the game great. Especially in a strategy game, it is the package of all good things that make up a great game. There are a lot of things that thrill me like the way players are trained. You need to make sure you do it right to train your players. In the end, it is all about good decisions that you make will make your team great. And that is what I love about HitWicket the most. 4. Explain each of these in 1 sentence. Note. (1 sentence).... Just 1 sentence? Oh well I will try A. Priyansh Modi Well Priyansh is my very close friend since 7 years now and a great mentor here in HW. I love the way he comes out with brilliant strategies and love to argue with him on them at times 
B. Sir SC
Though people may a lot of things about him, he is a very respectful person and a very enthusiastic manager who at times loses control on his emotions which goes against him. SC, ek baar saath bethna Pune ko jitake
C. Kashyap Reddy A diplomatic businessman with excellent PR skills and I wonder how does he stays so calm all the time. I would like to meet him once again and talk my heart out about HW - both positives and negatives. D. ME ME means you? Or ME means Match Engine Well I don’t know you much yet so I can’t comment much. Your last time’s thread was really good. Keep up the great work To Dear Match Engine, I love the way you dance but you must keep it a bit less vibrant so people hate you less E. Yash Puthran He is a nice friend and has an amazing team. He has built it so well. Though, at times he bowls a googly of stupidity (No offence bro F. Prashanth Shikhar Prashanth bhai is a yaro ka yaar, always a happy go lucky types person. But he kinda stays away from complexity at times I have observed. Usko Jhanjhat nahi chhaiye jyada G. Rishav Singhal Umm… Rajat Singhal OR Rishav Rastogi? Well Rajat Singhal is my multi. I even bought a bowler cheap from that account Rishav Rastogi is Priyansh’s multi. 5. Message For Upcoming Newbies -Once you join HW, concentrate on building a team more than winning your games for now. Don’t worry about MRP. Don’t worry about your losses. Get 5 friends invited and you will double your fan club. You will be getting one old good player (present in squad), one mid aged good player (you get to chose from various players and buy for just 500k) and one young good player from the scout. Sell those mid aged and old players for good cash. Use this cash to upgrade your training centre. Buy FIVE 18-19 year old players of the same department (batsman, seamer or spinner) as that young scout you got. Start training them in that particular department. Once, they reach a decent level (Say Bril) about after 2 seasons, sell them off for good money and now target GOOD trainees of 17 years like early-mid 17s average-reliable skills or mid-late 17s reliable-accomplished skills. This time make sure you decide the right type of training you want to pursue. Now you train these continuously and you must have already the learnt the game very well and enough to understand and make big decisions yourself. If possible, try to get some senior manager guide you. But don’t ask him to spoon feed you like many newbies ask me

6.. Where do you see your Team after 4-5 Seasons
-Oh well that 5 years down the line wala question that we HR ask I will be joining a great company at a great position and gain skills and experience to later on start my own business Well, my team… My all batting trainees would be in late 20s, married to the beautiful blondes we get every match . I think I will be a BM Seam trainer that time. May be waiting for another 1-2 seasons to be switching to BV? My team would be either in Div IV or III. May be would be organising Liar Game 6th Edition . And would be AC of Meghalaya may be 7th time 7. Lowest Point of your HW career Lowest? You want my career to end before it starts or what? My loss against a weaker team on my home ground which sealed my Relegation from Div IV in Season 11 is the lowest point I guess. 8..Explain each in 1 word. (Note-1 word only) Man you kidding me? I can’t say in one sentence, how will I express these things in just one word 1. Musky Pack - Awesome (Gift me someone :’( 2. HW Credits - Great !! 3. HW Liar Game - Exciting 4. HW Awards - Good concept, faulty Nomination criteria 5. IC - Great event, faulty election rule (Fan+ gets bonus vote for ANY region is stupidity) 6. Div 5 - Minting spot for me 9. . Speak Your heart out. -Oh my my my… I don’t know what to say . Waiting for this election phase to end that is going on right now. Looking for a good tourney for Div V with musky prize . Looking for buyers for my bowlers after 2 seasons Waiting to meet Devs again. Waiting for the day when both Batting and Bowling trainers understand each others’ points . Waiting to have a Pune HW Meet once more. Waiting for my team to beat Priyansh’s . Meine bowlers khairde to usne bhi batsmen kharid liye . Waiting for Liar Game 2 to end. Waiting for Bumsy and Kashyap to do Oink Oink together . Waiting for that mad guy Bumsy to come to India so we all can meet this Maha crazy Purus Vote of thanks: First of all I would like to thank ArijitAvinash (Fort Kochi X1) for interviewing me and having this final section of “Vote of Thanks” in the interview I am very thankful to Priyansh Modi who brought me in this game and guided me through out. Also thank you Rachit Agarwal (Defensive Guys) for guiding me in the early days. Thank you Kashyap, Rishav, Rajat, Saurabh and their entire team for creating such a game and a great platform for us all. Thank you my Trolling friends who made this game so fun for me and all :D. Thank you for especially for guiding me through the line ups and AFTs all the time :P. You are the true genius of ME. Thank you Bumsy, for being Bumsy :P...

So this it from the interview section!!!

9.Incase you have missed our previous episodes please visit the below given forum links..

Thank you guys finally made lots friends with the help of forums really really thank you ..please do post your reviews and stay tuned for our coming episodes...any queries please do post...Till then Bye Bye!!......-By ArijitAvinash (Noel Chacko)-Fort Kochi X1


Rishit Arora (dirtyboys)
88 months ago
Bohat Lamba tha par acha tha :p

Varun N
88 months ago
Rishit Arora (dirtyboys) Otimus "PriMo" ka dost hu... lamba likhe bina kaise chalega :P
Rishit Arora (dirtyboys)
88 months ago
:D woh bhi hai :D
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
Thnxx Rishit
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
thnx bro!!
Merwin Vincent
88 months ago
classy dude
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
Thnxx merwin..
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
So finally I get a editor's pick tag!!
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
starting a new forum guys need ur support 
Noel_Chacko (Slog Sedation Blasters)
88 months ago
My latest forum is on air please do bisit HW Disscussion page..


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