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Single Training Focus - WHY???

Maximus (The Gladiators)
89 months ago


I have seen many managers puzzled by these questions:

·         “Why should I train in only one field for a long time?”

·         “Why should I not train my batsmen one week and my bowlers one week?”

·         “Will there be an additional benefit of continuous training?”


Advantage of Single Training Focus:

The most important factor that determines the training speed of a player is his age… So, it is a very well-known fact that training young players is better than training older ones.

Now, if the focus of training is alternated between batting and bowling, the players lose 1 week each in between. Not clear?????


Player A:

·         Age 17 yrs 50 days

·         Fast Bowler

Player B:

·         Age 17 yrs 32 days

·         Batsman

I train in Bowling Seam for the first week. So, A gets trained in that week, but B has no training for the week. So his age increases by 7 days, but he does not get trained.

Next week, I shift to Batting. So, B gets trained but A doesn’t. Age however increases, but without training.

This loss of age is what affects the training speed of the players. So, by 25 yrs, instead of being Brilliant, they both remain in Reliable or Accomplished.



Even if I train only in Bowling Seam, my player B’s age increases without any training. Isn’t that a loss…?


You don’t need to have young batsmen in your side. If he is not very strong, sell him off and buy a good batsman who is around 22-25 yrs old and is highly skilled.


Maximus (The Gladiators)
89 months ago
Joydeep Nandi

Again, the same point arises… What is more important for you…?

Building a temporarily strong team…?

Or building a team which can beat MM…??

The interests are different for different managers, and it is up to them to make a call… My personal opinion: I don’t care about the U20 for now…

Abhinav Bhargava (STIFLERS)
89 months ago
maximus!! similar feelings!! but if we look at it. Is for our good!!! think bout it. having 11 youth players!!! by the time mm comes ur way, they'll be all doin better than mm.
Maximus (The Gladiators)
89 months ago
Abhinav Bhargava

Having 11 youths is no way connected with Shuffle Training… You can have the youths to be eligible to participate the tournament…

But the point is not to waste the young age of your players…

Let the youth batsmen play the tournament and train only your youth bowlers… You can make them Remarkable in 2 seasons and then recruit fresh youth again for batting…

Or, vice-versa…!

Maximus (The Gladiators)
89 months ago

Compromising one aspect is better than compromising on both…!

Omniscient (Okkasami)
89 months ago
Shut up maybe?
Maximus (The Gladiators)
89 months ago

Could be an option… Just like you decided to do eh…!

Krishnan Ganesh
89 months ago
Already got around 7 players for U-20 without spending in transfer market. So am going to join it, as i will get 4 more from scouting. Training at least 4 youth players per week
Utkarsh Rampal (North End Tigers)
88 months ago
Really Great work Mr. Mathematician Maximus. :P
Maximus (The Gladiators)
88 months ago
Utkarsh Rampal

Thanks mate…!

Utkarsh Rampal (North End Tigers)
88 months ago
Ur most Welcome! :) 


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