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Road to U20 6 Championship

PlayerX (TeamX)
91 months ago
Happy, jubilant, excited, upbeat and exultant are the TeamX players and managers.
1st July 2014 will never be forgotten not just for the party today (after the final hurdle) but for the way they carried themselves throughout the U20 6 journey. The way the players supported each other in every other match was very commendable and they deserved every bit of success. 

The Beginning:
         I was playing hitwicket without any purpose. Winning the league matches was the primary goal,but it was getting monotonous. I lacked long term goals. My short term goal was to train my players, but without any purpose or a bigger goal it was all boring. it was then I decided to target U20 6.

I immediately sold my prime bowlers and bought 6 young players (5 seamers + 1 all arounder) and started training them. Most of them were avg/hope 17.30yrs to 17.45yrs  except for one who was Acc/Use 17.60yrs. Thanks to Priyansh for this post . For more than one season I trained using the traditional(3/2) approach and later switched to Experienced focus(6/1) approach inorder to boost  the experience of my player. 
It was all bowling main, never changed the training regime. 
Summary of Training:
Season 9: BM training entire season, fitness training (for 11 players) through practice match.
Season 10: 2 Fitness training in the middle of the season and towards the end through practice match, rest BM training.
Season 11: Fitness training in the last 3 weeks (because of the revamped fitness system) and rest BM.
Never trained in Bowling Variation in my HW career.
However I'm planning to from this week.

League Matches:
I had to take the 3/2 approach to survive season 9. I was precariously close to being relegated to Div.6.
I had to win the last match of the league with a strong opponent to stay in Div.5 and it was then I bought couple of 30yr olds with good form to win my final match. I survived. I sold them right away after using them for bilateral.

Season 10:
 The 6/1 approach resulted in me losing half of my season 10 league matches and lot of fans and yet easily managed to survive in Division 5. I had to waste couple of weeks (mid-season and practice match at the season-end) in season 10 to train them in fitness. I was particularly keen in maintaining their good fitness at all times.

Season 11:
The training started to yield fruitful results and ended up in league top in season 11.

Though our target was U20-6, our team managed to reach last 8 in U20-5. Before registering for U20-5, we managed to buy some decent batsmen (Acc/Rel and Rel/Acc). Based on our opponents bowling I chose our squad. An Acc/Acc batsmen costs twice that of Acc/Rel, so I thought it was a wise to spend in the later. It did reward me, I bought 6 - 7 batsmen ranging from 1.2M to 2.3M. Saved lot of money.

I realized something very important for reaching the top in U20. Make sure your entire squad plays your league matches. Don't have it as 2 separate entities (as main squad and u20 squad). Your main squad should be your U20 squad. For U20-6 I was very determined to buy some good batsmen. I sold all my players who weren't playing U20-6.  I had around 53M and decided to buy atleast one Exempary batsmen. I had to face the likes of Thala warriors in the bidding war and he was way richer and was going all out on all good batsmen available in the market. I remember one particular bid where a brill/exemplary batsmen went for 27M , I was outbidded. I din't want to spend so much on those skills and my U20-6 prospects faded. I then went on to buy rem/rem, acc/rem players just to fill my squad of 16. I was very particular about high skills in spin. There were far too many spin trainers. With Thala warriors and Dravid11 losing their matches , I knew our team had a chance. They were formidable opponents and we were happy that we never had to face them.

Form of our players peaked at the right time. I usually was happy when our players were in unreliable form during the early stages of U20, earlier the better and as expected there was just one unreliable form player in our squad in the last week.

Godly Fitness System:
Revamp in fitness system was a blessing in disguise for our team. Trained the team in fitness for the last 3 weeks. It made a huge difference especially against the match with Silver Bullet. It would have gone either way but I was lucky. I maintained all the bowlers in superb fitness and with some help with the form system we did quite well. 

There were lot of tough decisions taken in this season to accomplish our dream of reaching the No1 Spot and here we are with all the glory.

I would have to thank all my friends who backed me up all the way through and believed in TeamX much more than me.

I also want to thank all the managers who supported and cheered up our team during the course of our match, unknown faces who rooted for TeamX, you guys are awesome, it meant a lot to us. I also thank all my U20 opponents for providing us exciting matches . Thanks to Obscure Horizon for a great final. 
Thanks to Kashyap & Co for giving us hitwicket, 1000 MRP and 15M prize money :) 

Next Goal:
Now that we have achieved our U20 goal, we have a much broader goal now. More on this in a separate post.


JAFARRITS (samsungs3)
90 months ago
Can anyone tell....can I switch league vi into vii
90 months ago
90 months ago
Sriram Ramesh (Dravid11)
90 months ago
 Sir PlayerX (TeamX) Congrats bro !!
U deserved it in d end ...  Would have faced u in round of 16 if i had won ma game , but it wasnt to be :P
JAFARRITS (samsungs3)
90 months ago
Only same league. .we can switch
Jerald Shyam (XI STAR LIONS)
90 months ago
I wAnt good cricket
90 months ago
Jerald Shyam (jerald) yea this is good cricket -_-
90 months ago
how i can add extra squad in u20 cup
Muthu Vijay (Highlander)
90 months ago
This time U20 7 has only 5 waste
Gagandeep Chadha (GagsXI)
90 months ago


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