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Hitwicket Completed 2 years :)

91 months ago

                                                          This was the day , 2 back benchers  introduced a game called "Hitwicket"

                                                                 Started with 2-4 people then 14-16 and now  30-40k , It's all because of 2 things,

*The game is so simple
*You can easily interact with devs

                                         Day by day they changed everything
introduced new tourneys , New forum categories , Musketeers ,credits etc

                                                         In these 2 years everything chanced in hitwicket except 1 thing ,We managers Blame devs ,This one thing still continues , we blame then everyday but still love this game :p

We blame them if we get a bad scout,if we lose our match ,if our player is in form ect

                                                      But just imagine how much work done by them behind this , they introduce features one by one every season ,they read every forums, clear bugs and plenty more ;)

Now Let's do something other than blaming them Comment 1 good thing about your favorite dev

and let's celebrate 2nd birthday of Hitwicket :D

P.S sry for the delay


90 months ago
so what.....
Erick (Magneto)
90 months ago
Deleted. Show Comment
PrashantSethi (Crackers)
90 months ago
okay now I miss that bakery lol :)

Congrats Rishav and Kashyap :)
বাপ্পী মনসুর (Team Tiger BD)
90 months ago
love this game

Nilesh Mojidra (Nilesh XI)
90 months ago
love this game
Balan Jeyasekar (THE X MEN)
90 months ago
nice statics game to improve managing power..... i like veRy MucH....
Immortan_Joe (The All Indians)
90 months ago
thnks hitwicket team....the best online cricket manager game of all times
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
90 months ago
Thanks guys...your support means a lot to us! cheers :)
90 months ago
Kashyap sir any new feature coming on this big moment. :P
Immortan_Joe (The All Indians)
90 months ago
yea like free musketeer for a day for everyone... ;)


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