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1 illustrious year in Hitwicket!!

Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
91 months ago

June 13, 2013 was just another day in my life and just like I used to play dozens of online games, I found another one named Hitwicket and I joined the game on that day. At that time I did not know that this would not just be one of those dozen online games that I played for timepass and eventually as time went by I ceased to play them. And before I knew, I was already playing only Hitwicket and had stopped playing other online games. After one year, I am totally addicted to Hitwicket and the other games that I used to play do not amuse me anymore and hence I stopped playing almost all other online games.

Even after one year, the excitement never fades and on the contrary it only increases exponentially. When I joined I would not have believed that I would still be in this game after one year, but now I can assure you that one year is a short period here and I am still just getting started!!

What have I achieved in this one year? Even I had not dreamed of such success in short period of one year. Have a look at this list –

·         I have surpassed my mentor’s Manager Reputation as well as my team is playing 2 Divisions higher than my mentor’s team. Here is a link to a recent match between our teams -

·         I am a Supreme Manager and my Global Manager Reputation Ranking is 87

·         My team AlphaQ is now competing in Division 4 and global ranking of my team is 520

·         I am ranked at no. 6 in Super Mentors of Hitwicket & ranked at no. 1 in Gujarat region.

·         My team won the league of Division 6 in just first full season that I played and then went on to win the league of Division 5 next season and thus promoting two Divisions higher in just two seasons.

·         After promoting from Division 6 to Division 4 in just two seasons, I got trashed badly and came back to Division 5, but again I went on to win the Division 5 league by remaining unbeaten.  At that time my team won 19 consecutive league matches

·         Now again I am competing in Division 4, where survival is very tough and my goal is to survive in this very league at the end of this season

·         My team has played 291 matches [including league, challenge, exhibition, instant, U20 matches] till date winning 221 matches at 76.74 % and losing 67 matches with 3 tied matches

·         My team has played 106 league matches winning 71 of them at 67.62%

·         My team’s performance in different Divisions -
In Division 6 : played - 29, won - 22, 75.86 %
In Division 5 : played - 36, won - 33, 94.29 %
In Division 4 : played - 41, won - 16, 39.02 %

·         When the Devs gifted 3 free credits to everyone on a special day, I organized an unofficial tournament called King Of PowerPlays amongst my friends and won the tournament remaining unbeaten. I am planning to organize another such tournament in near future. Here is the link -

·         I have been a musketeer since a long time now and one of the great benefits of being a musketeer is playing the Bi-Lateral Series. My team has participated in 6 Bi-Lateral Series and has won each of them with 3-2, 4-0, 3-2, 5-0, 5-0 & 5-0!!

·         A huge number of my friends are now playing Hitwicket and every evening we meet at Dairy Den Circle, Vadodara and it is just like a Hitwicket Daily Meet Up.

·         We also organized the Hitwicket Vadodara Meet Up on April 20th and are planning to arrange the second one very soon -

·          Some of my invitees are also very addicted to this game and are making fast strides in reaching to the top –

Sir Sunil Singh Masterful Manager

Sir Ranjit Kumar Masterful Manager

Sir Sudhir Vishwakarma Fantastic Manager

Srikanth Ch Prodigious Manager

·         My team’s openers are S Tendulkar [right hand batsman & off break bowler] & Ganguly [left hand batsman], have a look at them here -

·         My team played a total of 44 matches in Season 10 and won 43 of those, losing just 1 challenge match.

·         I also have my own small group of Hitwicket on facebook which is called Hitwicket Addicts and anyone interested can join -

·         I am thankful to Sir Steve Jobs [] for making a wonderful logo for my team.

·          I got my Junior one fateful day but unfortunately his skill index was only 5007. It was after the new skill index revamp. Earlier scouts with skill index of 5000 were considered the best ones but after the revamp, 5000 skill index is worthless. He was not even mediocre in any batting or bowling skills!! But still i recruited him for playing U20 Cup 6 and used him as the 5th bowler & pinch hitter and amazingly he took 12 wickets in 7 matches and scored 76 runs at a strike rate of 152.00 becoming the Man of the Match 2 times!! After the completion of U20 Cup 6, I fired my Junior!! I wonder if I am the first Manager in Hitwicket to fire his Junior!! Now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my second junior!!

·        I have tried From the Pavilion, Cricket Championship, Stumped, Battrick, Cricket Coach 2014, Cricket Manager 2012 & Howzat Cricket. You would already know how appealing these games are if you have tried them, but if you have not tried them then take my advice and never try them!! These are utter waste of time and are nothing near compared to Hitwicket!!!

·      Most importantly I am glad to know and interact will all of you wonderful fellow Hitwicket players, many of whom are my friends now and I would not have known you if I had not joined this game an year earlier.


Now, after playing one year I can just assure you that you people will see me here for many many years to come ahead because right now I am just getting started!!


Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
90 months ago
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
90 months ago
My team has just entered the "late 90's and early 2000's phase of Indian batting line up" :(

ALPHAQ - 94 all out in 16.1 ov (RR 5.81)

Batsman RunsBalls4s6sS.R.Batting Ability
A. Gangulic S. Vasani  b R. Deol6310200.00
S. Tendulkar * (c)not out474222111.90
F. Marquesc (wk) B. Kapse  b S. Du Plessis230066.67
D. Bafnac H. Salahuddin  b R. Deol240050.00
S. Nadarb R. Deol2000.00
F. Akramlbw R. Deol1000.00
N. Abbott (wk)c & b R. Deol1000.00
A. Oswalb S. Du Plessis230066.67
V. Pandeyc G. Chanaka  b M. Mohammad221611137.50
S. Kumarlbw A. Olden7140050.00
C. Boyinac G. Chanaka  b R. Deol580062.50

FoW: 1-6 (Ganguli 0.3 ov), 2-9 (Marques 1.1 ov), 3-14 (Bafna 2.2 ov), 4-14 (Nadar 2.4 ov), 5-14 (Akram 2.5 ov), 6-14 (Abbott 2.6 ov), 7-25 (Oswal 3.6 ov), 8-63 (Pandey 9.3 ov), 9-83 (Kumar 13.4 ov), 10-94 (Boyina 16.1 ov)
Powerplay : Overs 1 - 5, 29/7
90 months ago
Congrats :) Great Achievements (Y)
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
90 months ago
Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
90 months ago
gr8 achievement of getting all out in 98??
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
90 months ago
Sir Sunil Singh (InsomniacS) DJ is referring to the achievements listed in main post.
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
89 months ago
My global ranking is now 89!!
Srinu Cherry (T20 HNK)
89 months ago
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
89 months ago
Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
89 months ago
S Tendulkar [captain of my team] has won the Best All-Rounder award in the Official Hitwicket Community Awards!! 

He got 101 votes. S Tendulkar has played 110 Matches scoring 2313 runs at an average of 31.26 and strike rate of 150.98. He has scored 2 centuries and 10 fifties with a highest score of 149*. He has also taken 95 wickets at an average of 20.14 and economy of 8.67. He has taken 3 4W hauls and 1 5W haul with the best of 5-38. He has been the Man of the Match 15 times. 

This is his current snapshot -  


He is a 24 yrs 20 days old, Right-hand batsman, who bowls Off break.
His experience level is Exemplary and currently in Decent form & Good fitness. 
His Skill Index is 44,181 and is paid a Salary of Rs 120,500 every week. He hails from Maharashtra. 

Batting vs seam bowlers
Batting vs spin bowlers
Bowling main
Bowling variation

His Best performance so far came in Season 10 where he played 18 matches scoring 500 runs at an average of 38.46 and took 19 wickets at an average of 16.05 and was declared Man of the Match 6 times. He was also the captain of the team and the team remained unbeaten winning all the 18 matches of season 10.


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