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So Finally Musky competition again for a couple!

SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
1. U may register if u r a musky or not . But register in two. a single registration not accepted. ! 
U should register together with your boy friend or girl friend !

2. All reliable+ managers eligible ONLY !

PART A - I will give player link tomorrow of 5 players and ask about any of his skill.....U need to answer that ... Correct answer (+10).. wrong answer (-20).. It is mandatory :)
Reply that to me in facebook or yahoo mail. (Each group one reply)
(5 questions only)
Facebook :
Mail ID :

PART B - Based on the IPL Match 2 moro I will ask u 5 Questions : Each correct answer gives u (+5), each wrong answer gives u (-10) (It is mandatory also)
Reply that in this forum ONLY...


PART B - 5 Questions I will put up by 4 P.M.( All From the 2 nd IPL Match)

Deadline will be 7.15 P.M. tonight

Reply only once in this forum ONLY (Not in my facebook or Mail)....

One team one reply !! If U have replied twice u r last reply will be taken into consideration !

The top 4 pairs of contestants will play on this Sunday !!

Sunday Rules I will post 2 moro ! :)

Maximum 25 pairs allowed !!

List of Final 22 Pairs : (I had to exclude a few as was not sure with whom they are pairing)

Neo has been excluded as he wanted to pair with Priyansh (but both Priyansh & Td Vikas wanted each other) :P

1.       Tushar Vipul (The WildCats) & Riz (CRAZIEYAPS)

2.       Sudip MItra (kkr11) & SUBHAJITspeak (KOLKATA HURRICANEZ)

3.        Sir Nagireddy (Drunkers XI)  & Sir Saurabh Bagde (cool'brute)

4.       Sir McDeath (Cheese Weasels ) & HawkEye (Dharmshala Rockstars) 

5.       Sir Sunil Singh (InsomniacS) &

6.       Who am I ? (Deadly Dynamoes) &  Sir Nil (Elite Strikers)

7.       Ram Prasad Reddygoli (RAMpy SLAMERZ) &

8.       Sayan Bhattacharya (red and gold army) &

9.       Sir Mysterious Boy (Bihar big bombers) &

10.    Hari Haran (THALA CHEVALIER'S) & Sir Bharat Pungalia (Royal Mystique Force)


12.    Sir Yusuf Rathore (JODHPUR XI) &

13.    Sir Rishit Arora (dirtyboys) &

14.    Abdul Muqeeth (STEYN GUN) & Lord Alvi

15.    Sir Umair Mirza (KNIGHTS ARMY) &

16.    CAPTAIN Krishh° (11 ArMy aNtS) & Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11)

17.     Sujan (BANGALORE LIONS) & Guna Shekar (Viru Rising Stars)

18.    .Sir Bittu Tyagi (playboys XI) &

19.    Deep (Scoundrels) & yogeshcooldude (The ReigningAvengers)

20.    Sir T.D.vikas (Red Devils 07) & Sir Priyansh Modi (The Special One)

21.    Sai Lalith (mad thrashers) &

22. Sir Lord suren (stunner guys) & Sir Gaurav Agarwal (Akku Rockers)


PART A Questions :(Modified)- from IPL 1 st match

1) Who will win the Toss ?

2) Who will Win the Match ?

3) Who will Bat first ?

4) The number of boundaries (both 4 & 6 together) should be above 35 ? - Yes or No ?

5)  Which team will give more extras ?

Scoring of marks remain the same... Reply in this forum ONLY...

Deadline 3:20 P.M. Today !!

PART B :- from Today's IPL 2 nd match

Dead line : 7:15 P.M.

1) Who will LOSE the Toss ?

2) Who will LOSE the Match ?

3) Who will BOWL first ?

4) The number of boundaries (both 4 & 6 together) should be above 45 ? - Yes or No ?

5)  Which team will give more extras ?

Scoring of marks remain the same as mentioned in the Pin Post... 

Reply in this forum ONLY...(Not in facebook or mail)


SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
To all I say : I am also a human being like u all. I agree this comp I couldn't did as I wanted !!

But rule is rule and I adhere by that only !

I may also make some mistake which I will look in near future so that I do not make it !!

John Diggle (The punisherr)
92 months ago
Sir SC (Angry Black Panther )

i understand rule is rule, we dint want u to change the rule for the benefit of anyone. infact we wanted u to just modify the league to make it fair for all. u cud have easily done that then, the way u changed the skill guessing round after knowing head coaches can see those.

anyways, hopefully next time it will be better :)
SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
It could n't be done re as many by that time has spent time on this league
John Diggle (The punisherr)
92 months ago
there were only 5 pair excluding those who win and i m sure we wudn't have minded to respend our time again on other league after knowing our reduced chances of winning with the existing league.
92 months ago
Guys pls join my tourney aswell just like sir SC tourney. Its title is omg musky challenger. And thank u sir SC for an excellent tourney again.
SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11)- U feel that but ask Bharat Pungalia, who said plss do not change
92 months ago
Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11) bro this is finished now. We can try again next time as sir SC will keep on organizing in future also. :P
John Diggle (The punisherr)
92 months ago
even if he said that, it was 4:1 in favor of changing. moreover it wud have been fairer 
John Diggle (The punisherr)
92 months ago
BP, i have already joined that tourney :)
92 months ago
Bro i judt predented my view not to change. Sir Sc took it seriosly. :P seriously i didn't selected umair team player as some other teams were having more good players and they didn't got that much chancr to showcase there skills. So was my bad luck :(


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