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PP presentation- 3 months musky- Completed !

SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago

To begin with let  me say I will be very busyfrom next week onwards.... still will try to open HW once atleast...


Please be assured I organize my competitions as per my wish ONLY, and till date have not demanded anything from HW.


My new competition is very simple.


1) No registrations required.

2) Anyone may participate !!

3) U need to send me this by Saturday 17/05/2014 11:55 P.M.

4) U need to send me a maximum 10 slides about  HW .(It may be one slide also)

5) This PP presentation will be as such u assume u r in a college to propagate it about HW and u have no speaker, so by seeing u r slides the guys should understand why they should join and play HW.

It should also relate how HW helps in Management !

6) U r power point should reflect- how it is linked to real life !!

7) U can take help of anything ( u can use google also).

8) I am not the only judge, but as decided the winner will get 3 months Musky !!

9) Send in your reply to

10) I know this is a tough one, if any wishes to organize the 2 nd prize most welcome


Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
92 months ago
One very important thing I wanted to ask u SC........

Can I ???
SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
Sure :)
Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
92 months ago
Did u get time to see my presentation finally??
SC (Angry Black Panther)
92 months ago
Sir Sunil Singh (InsomniacS) few seconds ago #200   Report Abuse
Did u get time to see my presentation finally??

I have checked all presentations but not in a mood to compare each other. The Reason I felt is let the Judges take their call without being influenced by me in any way or the Other. :)

Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
92 months ago
OK thts gr8 to hear that u saw our presentations......thnx again
Ranjit Kumar (danger11)
92 months ago
@sunil Congrats SSS [i.e. Sir Sunil Singh]. Happy again to see u win a competition.

I have seen your pp but I think it will be tough for college guys to co-relate hitwicket and management by seeing this pp.

You should have made it very very simple...

Anyways congrats again.
Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
92 months ago
Ranjit Kumar (danger11)

Bro its always a blessing to hear ur wishes....

I don't know If I am right or not but will share with you what was in my mind when I thought of making such a presentation

Let's take it this way...You are from a college MSU in Vadodara......and ask me to try to attract your fellow students by giving a presentation.......But the catch is you being a student cannot arrange a presentation for 50 or may be 150 students........So u ask me to do it my way.......

So the first thing what strikes me is - I will look for someone who can help me pass on my presentation to 50, 150 or more students.......

Who can that be - So I assume that can be ur Professor(mostly who is lenient & famous among students) or any senior guy like from finance or administration.........should have influence or power to arrange a PPT play for group of getting approval from the Management

How do I convince him now??
My ans will be ....

1.If I can share a case study with him where some senior person shares his views, Like a father supporting HW after analysis - He can relate that easily with real life

2.The PPT should be precise and realistic - so that he can easily connect with our goal 

3.Should clearly give the advantages point wise - bcos these ppl are too busy n always look for outcome

4.Should be kind of professional(Here I was very confused I will tell u later why I was) - So that he does not feel that HW is a run of the mill type game ..........bcos when he is recommending something to someone should have a solid backup to prove.........

5.Dividing in days/phases/aspects the advantages - If he himself is too attracted to this concept he will definitely be bothered that students don't get too much addicted that they forget everything and just play adv in days will ensure him that we need not spend all the day like we play other games if attracted towards them.........

OK in case he is convinced and agrees to play our presentation in front of group of students.......then this single presentation should also ensure that students too are able to connect to it........
1.Its simple in english

2.Divided in phases so easy to digest

3.Focus is on aspects like matches, player auction etc and not will not be bored to see the complete presentation

4.If management terms are new for students - My personal experience is they will love to learn something what is very new for them.........Curiosity most of the times drive the young

Yeah above where I said I was confused ........chosing the type of PPT bcos if students find it too professional will get bored..........but chose this bcos students will always wc something new.....

I think you finally will get my point what I tried to say

92 months ago
Sunil_Singh (InsomniacS)
92 months ago
thx aniket
MurtazaAlvi (Dhonis Pirate MOJO)
92 months ago
Congrats To Sunil :) 

And Others - The Presentations Of All You Were Too Good , And I Was Too Confused On Whom To Select As I Thought It Would Be Unfair On The Part Of Others But Then Had To Make A Decision So Made It..Though I Dont Know Why SC Made Me A Judge Along with such legends..To Be Frank I Didnt Deserve To Be The Judge But As SC Persisted Had To :) 

SC : Yet Another Innovative And Amazing Competition Held Successfully By You..Such An Amazing Contribution You Are Making To The Game...Keep On The Good Work And Keep Holding Competitions :p 
I Myself Would Have Participated If Not For My Exams :D 

P.S - Sorry For Being Late..Was Busy :p


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