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Good Old Days ;)

93 months ago
              THE GOOD OLD DAYS                                                         

                         In the previous forum we saw the future now let's move to those early days ;)

First up , i have seen many feature  request about having a playoff type in the league. But once we had it


Group A

# Team Played Points W L T Net R.R.
1 Soumya's 11 3 6 3 0 0 3.098
2 Murderers 3 4 2 1 0 0.645
3 BlueBalls of Destiny 3 2 1 2 0 -0.091
4 Vampire Wanglers 3 0 0 3 0 -4.074
+ Matches

Group B

# Team Played Points W L T Net R.R.
1 FuNky GaMblerS 3 6 3 0 0 1.001
2 sabari sabba 3 4 2 1 0 -0.229
3 The Wolverines XI 3 2 1 2 0 0.579
4 sourav ganguly's XI 3 0 0 3 0 -1.366

Check it out :

Next up,Now ur player page has lots of stuff and i will show u how it was at the beginning when u place a player in auction ;)

Next up about a manager who i believe the oldest manager other than devs who still active (He renamed his stadium today :p ) 
He is ,

The owner of  "THE NIGHT'S WATCH " ---> Sir y2chaits who joined the game :


Next up we had this type of independence day celebration too ;)

The Players have taken to the field and are now lining up for the National Anthem. Omar Nawaz can be seen holding his hand on his chest and singing passionately.

Arnav Chaturvedi spins the coin and Omar Nawaz calls "Heads". Tails it is.
MakeDamnSure win the toss and decide to Bat first

Check it out :

Next up another feature which everyone love to have was their in the early stage -> RECORD BOOK

i guess most of u know it already :v (if u know what i mean )

On 2012 most active regions were ,


 Now it is ,

2.Tamil nadu                             

What a change over mama ;) 

Next up a forum post created by one of the oldie who's still playing ,

Match Fixing

by abcgladiators (11gladiators)

   My match against Goa XI today (7/11/12) was fixed. I suspect the involvement of kayshap who made the fixing possible.
I order the BCCI, ICICI, HDFC and which ever other authorities are present, to look into this matter. My blowers have a LOT LOT LOT better TSI than the other team Batsmen. Still they were able to hit 6's every now and then. My spinner took 5 wickets even though he bowled in the starting overs while others bolwers were playing gilly dannda on the pitch.

My batsmen where seen playing with their balls and leaving the stumps wide open for the cricket ball...

Oh also....his bowler was able to score 50!!! YES, BOLWER WHO SCORED 50!!! 

I will not stand for this kind of match fixing. 

May be it looks like fun post but he had some serious discussion with kashyap in that forum o.O

More forum post comments on those goo old days :v

Sir Asharbh (CyCloPs)  #23    

                   No actually he would go beyond 500k as per the current market trend. So its better if someone bids that much right now. I sold a similar player some days back for 500k.
Actually I need 650K by tomorrow. So if I make at least 500K from him and 150K from one more bowler (mediocre), I could really use that money as I need it latest by tomorrow.

A bug report by ,

by Sir scotch (Malibu) 21 months ago    Report abuse
Hey .. .. I put him on auction some time back and Ruckfules (Ashish) bid for it and I see it in my finances also but the player is not shown in player auction tab. 
Whats the deal here? Can I sue him ?? :-P
B_Ruck (The B Team S8) 21 months ago #1    Report Abuse
Oh! This player has gone back to you? :O
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants) 21 months ago #2    Report Abuse
The player obviously liked his old team so much that he managed to crash our server and prevent the transfer....we've personally sent him on to his new team now though..

taking preventative measures in the code so that players don't rebel this way again..
Sir scotch (Malibu) 21 months ago #3    Report Abuse

                                  Hmm .. I am suspecting some foulplay by BJP here !!! :-P .. Thanks for fixing it .

I guess it's too long already that's it see u in another forum :v

PS:did this forum in just 30 minutes ;)


92 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree)  I guess it was luck at that time...Some one had to try bv...and it had to be you...
92 months ago
may be you were the first one to give bm
Satyasarthak (Shree)
92 months ago
I guess yeah.....the first team to start with proper bv....maybe devs can cofirm that...the teams I know...soul devil bulls mumbai thugs mfe cyclops aall trained in bm...and sid kept on saying to me switch to is a waste of time
Satyasarthak (Shree)
92 months ago
92 months ago
Satyasarthak (Shree)   Well now people  don't consider it's a waste//.. but a proper balance is required though
Satyasarthak (Shree)
92 months ago
Thst time there was no one to tell us.....we had to figure those things ourselves
Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
92 months ago
Sir y2chaits (The Night's Watch) 5 days ago #13 
@dj Nice List, and thanks for the mention. You wont believe it, I saw @kashyap 's beta invite in my inbox yesterday, and was wondering how many teams joined before me. Now I know. :)

 that awkward moment when your invitee joined the game before you...
92 months ago
lol :v

92 months ago
wow and finally got the Editor's Pick tag ;) i guess tips and meet up left :)
DevaraJ (The Shadows Of Death)
92 months ago
You said it took 30 mins to complete this forum.... you should have not checked the clock repeatedly so that you could have saved a few minutes.... :P ... but it was good since you stopped perfectly astt 30 mins... that tells your luck... ..anyway this is a good post .... PS = I wrote this much of sentences because I am fed up of saying the post is the best and I wanted to fill it up with something..... :P ;)


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