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Serizawa (Suzuran's Crow)
94 months ago
Hi guys ,
Seeing in recent  time ,there is increase in the number of post which are useless are being answered same thing, i would like to present you this .In the GOOD OLD DAYS(quality forum) , when i was a newbie  , i read few posts regarding Etiquette.

Please find your time to read through this:

Apart from them i would like to add few points 
  1. Use the search option available in Hitwicket forum(ya its there top right side ) before
    starting an post , because there are many ppl who would asked same question, if not then open   .

  2. Know which category your post belongs ,don't place the post in wrong category
    ps:NON-HITWICKET is not for SPAM .
  3.  Use a Soft language ,color and fonts which are good to eyes , don't use large fonts and bright colors which are too shinny  and cause pain in the eye.

  4. Avoid using Caps throughout the post , it equates to Cyber yelling .

  5. This is something which Sir Scotch has said but I am repeating it , if the post has been answered correctly and you don't have anything to add on , then please skip the post  and people who have opened the forum post for doubt , close it when you are satisfied by the answer given .

  6. please do not argue in any post for the sake of arguing , i see many official post where people just comment on them and argue for arguing ,please avoid it , if you have an doubt or concern open an different post (read point 1)  .

    This is from the manual 
  • Stardard public forum ground rules like use of abusive language directed at a fellow user or opening multiple threads over the same topic and other kinds of spam will not be tolerated. Please keep the environment friendly for all.-CricmaniaC


94 months ago
i think these etiquette's need to flash when ever the achievement category start posting in the forums like the screen blacks out and "get a team" flashes when we dont login and access a hw page
Serizawa (Suzuran's Crow)
93 months ago
that would be nice :P


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