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[Guide]*Clear Your Doubts & Get Tips*

Admiral Aladeen (HeliOs)
81 months ago
Welcome To HitwickeT Newbie Manager Academy
This Post Is For All Managers To Clear Their Doubts With Respect To The Game !
Game Strategy Tips -->
  • Stadium
  • Playres
  • The Match
  • Fan Club
  • Youth Scout
  • Gain MRP
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Player Auction

  • Training Tips -->
  • Bowling Training Types
  • Bowling Training Tips
  • Bowling Variation Tips

  • Official Contests To Gain MRP-->
  • U20 Predictor

  • Read U20 Prediction Analysis-->Click Here
    Few Things To Start Off:
    1. Pick a league that you find many BOT teams and maybe just one or good team it the league so that you can win the matches easily & concentrate on Training
    2. You will get fairly decent scout players when you start off so sign them immediately.
    3. Don't try yo sell useless players but fire them for they are too aged to train.
    4. Training is the most important aspect for the growth of a team.
    Train batting or bowling depending upon where you have very young players.
    5. Train repeatedly the same skill for 15-20 weeks for best results. Don't train fitness or fielding in beginning.
    6. Buy some remarkable players form the auction pool age > 28 these players are fairly cheap and you can use them for 2-3 seasons
    7. As a mediocre manager finances will be tight so try to get as many fans (to boost ticket sales) and up your MRP for you can become richer because of several benefits of higher managers.
    8. Never sell any young star player with potential. Your task in this game is not to earn money but to in in long run.
    9. Refer to the discussion posts of better managers in forums to enhance your knowledge of hitwicket and game strategy.

    All Comments, Doubts, Solutions are Welcomed !
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • How To Start Unofficial Tournament ?
      --> Go To forum,
      Click On Create Post,
      Give Category Unofficial Tournament
      Give A Name To Your Tourny
      Set Some Rules
      Start Registering Teams
      Release Fixtures for Matches
      Teams registered will play "Challenge Matches" on Wednesdays !
      (May Be With Credits also, Its left to you)

      Before all these, Make a plan about how your tournament will be.
      Ex: Group based, Clan based, Random Matches etc.
      Also decide how many Teams you are going to deal with !

    • How To Earn Money ?
      -->By Ticket Sales in Home Matches -- Rs.200/- Per Ticket
      By Winning League matches -- 100K per match win
      Selling Players
      Participating in U20 -- 200K per match & 250K per U20 match Win
      Bounty on Challenge match (Accomplished & Above)

      When you join the game, finance will be little tight...
      Don't panic & don't sell your best players.. Keep calm & everything will be fine ;)


    Maurizio S (FC Chelsea)
    70 months ago
    good job transformers .but u need to post this thing in div I.1 league talk or mail to there are no devs in this forum post,
    pareshkanungo (DP Blasters)
    70 months ago
    How to loan players
    Maurizio S (FC Chelsea)
    70 months ago
    pkrockstars (DREAM FC)
     in an alliance, when someone asks to donate a player, loan him will be in approx right side of alliance page
    Gurashish Singh (kings 10 punjab)
    70 months ago
    Hw cn i join an alliance...??
    Abdullah Naseer (The Xtreme)
    70 months ago

    HOw TO .... tAG sOMEONE  

    ShahnawazKhan (Rajpar Renegades XI)
    70 months ago
    dear dragonslayrr
    please tell us how to earn the stars during the my players are around 5 stars but they are unable to gain the stars
    Rathore_Singh (Wolf Rathore)
    70 months ago
    form and fitness play a vital role in getting stars.stars of a batsman increase during powerplay.use left right combo of batsmen to decrease stars of opponent bowlers
    Maurizio S (FC Chelsea)
    70 months ago
    wolf rathore ,ur correct.also,u can use flat wicket to increase stars of batsmen,green to increase stars of seamers,crumbling for spinners
    ShahnawazKhan (Rajpar Renegades XI)
    70 months ago
    but I have green wicket and seamers but they have not increased in stars...
    Maurizio S (FC Chelsea)
    70 months ago
    they increase by 1star .they do increase in green wicket unless left right batsmen take singles against ur ur bowlers stars in green and other wickets. u will know the difference .


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