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IPL-7 -musky competition.- Presentation OVER !

SC (Angry Black Panther)
95 months ago
So as said its my passion to organise competition in IPL....For the past 4 years I have done the same..

This Year trying in HW for the first time..

Winning team (comprising of 5 members) will get 3 months Musky each....

Aniket Raut - - Have expressed his desire to share the Musky Donation with me.. He will give 2 Musky out of total 5 !!

We are in Facebook also ::

Auction will take place in facebook !

Captains ::

Teams ::
1) Punkzebra 
3)shadow fiend 
5)Partho-(the aaryans).

2. Yash Puthran (Mumbai Masters)
5. Parth Parikh (King of Kingz' XI)


1) Rishit Arora [Dirty Boys] [Myself]
2) Live Long [FastTrack]

 1) Saurabh Bagde( Cool'Brute)
 2) Sachchamp( Sachchamps)
 3) Venky Balboa( Degenerators
 4) Td Vikas( Red Devils 07)
 5) Major MS Dhoni( Johnny's Walkers)

1. Gajendra
2. Hades
3.Deadly dino
4.Aj Raptor


We will have the Presentation Ceremony on June 07, 2014 (Evening) here in this forum...

The Captain of RCB is requested to be Present along with his Team members.

All Other Teams are also requested to be present herein.

Co Sponsor Aniket Raut, Statistician Sayak Sengupta should be here too !! :)

For the entire IPL games Please check the facebook group :


SC (Angry Black Panther)
91 months ago
Arpan Kumar (JaiHo11)- when sometimes u would be father, will u be able to predict whether u will have a son or daughter ( unless u do some  test which is illegal) ??
John Diggle (The punisherr)
91 months ago
Sir SC (Angry Black Panther )

lolz, i know we learn from experience only, so lets make it better next time :)
Sriram Ramesh (Dravid11)
91 months ago
Anmol Gupta (Precious pawns) Lol yes U got trolled trying to increase d bid :P 
SC (Angry Black Panther)
91 months ago
You are Awesome! You just successfully gifted a 3 month Musketeer subscription to Tleostoy

Congrats Talstay !
SC (Angry Black Panther)
91 months ago
You are Awesome! You just successfully gifted a 3 month Musketeer subscription to Sriram Ramesh

Congrats Sriram Ramesh !:)
SC (Angry Black Panther)
91 months ago
You are Awesome! You just successfully gifted a 3 month Musketeer subscription to Sayak!

Congrats Sayak !!
Sriram Ramesh (Dravid11)
91 months ago
Thanks a lot for the musky :-) 

Had a gr8 time waiting for our players to shine, sometimes though in d opposite team wic i support :P 

Hoping to participate in further tourneys of urs :) 

Cheers !!!
SC (Angry Black Panther)
91 months ago
So finally all the 5 Musky has been awarded ! I thank all of you for your participation and enthusiasm !

Thanks to Sir Kashyap for helping in re activating this thread immediately when requested for !

With this I announce the closure of IPL- HW competition ! :)
Sayak (Cavaliers)
91 months ago
you are awesome! *8-> day dreaming thanks for the 3-months musky gift (best predictor award).. *:(game) play game
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

the kind soul, SC has just gifted you 3 months of musketeer, which gives you access to exclusive musketeer features. talk about generosity!

don't forget to thank him soon. the musketeer plan helps us sustain the game and we are very grateful to our users for their support. *=D> applause

- hitwicket team 
AJRaptor (Warriors of Destiny)
91 months ago
Good decisions SC. :) And thanx for the tournament. Great work organisers :) And thanx to Gajendra and Arijit( Cricmaniac) for taking RCB to top, and my apologies to you both for being an inactive member ( was stuck in office work sad shift timings :/ ).


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