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The Rising Times (Ep-4)

95 months ago


Scoring 300,getting a player in auction market for 10m ,finance of 20m  -those are not a big achievement nowadays But once it was a Dream for all the teams in Hitwicket , the concept is gona show u some hitwicket time articles of that period,

  • Scrooge's McDucks managed by uncle_scrooge is the Richest team in Hitwicket. Our reports indicate their finances to be in the region of Rs 15,689,005. Buying the top talent won't be much of a problem for them.

  • Having a large fan club certainly helps! The atmosphere at the Hyderabadi Chichoras Stadium was electrifying today for the match between Hyderabadi Chichoras & FuNky GaMblerS . It wasn't just the players who were thankful for the turnout, the home team laughed all the way to the bank by earning819,800 rupees in ticket sales.
  • Harshal Mehta has been transferred to abhi0108 for a whooping 1,268,800 rupees. abhi0108 have made their ambitious intentions clear with this big money move, their league rivals must surely be thinking of strengthening their squad as well.

Now the first Match of Hitwicket was between Orissa XI and Jammu kashmir XI ;) ...............:p

The first player to score 50 in hitwicket - Vimal rastogi

The first player to score 100-Zahir Malik

interesting thing is right now he's playing for a division 5 team ;) 

Performance Stats

MatchesBat Inn.Bowl Inn.MoMCt.St.Ducks

// Batting


The first player of Hitwicket sunil singh

  • PunkZEBRA took over the 100th team of Hitwicket and renamed it as 'ELEMONators
  • Sunil Sahoo took over the 500th team of hitwicket and renamed it as 'Kalinga Rangers
  • Vizag winners -First team to win u20 cup

All star team of hitwicket:(without wk)....:p

Anupam Aggarwal
Saurabh Mongia

Ramesh Bhatnagar

Nazir Hassan

Jabber Kardar

Rs 3,329,800 (04-02-2013)
Pratik Rastogi

Vimal Bhatia

Rs 700,000 (13-12-2012)
Amjad Mahmood

Rs 3,926,500 (19-01-2013)
Siddhant Mishra

Rs 416,200 (18-04-2013)
Nitin Kapoor


 Different Match types in hw,

  • League match
  • Practice match
  • Challenge Match
  • Exhibition Match
  • Instant Match
  • u20 match (only u20)
  • india cup match (only high skilled )

Good Move by devs,Bad move by managers  :-

By introducing Fantasy league India cup -2 got more followers than previous season .But the sad thing is managers are here to support their fantasy team not the state team......P

League of Hell :-

Promoted to division-4 from division-5 ? , relegated to division-4 from division-3 ? if yes then try to avoid league IV.7 or else later u will realize  that u r in the  League of Hell ;)


Agent Smith (Neo The Nemesis)
95 months ago
wow! good post and after this post i checked , i was 6632 th team to join :( :P
DevaraJ (The Shadows Of Death)
95 months ago
superb buddy ... after the stress of the india cup and all... you find time to do all this ....... HIGH FIVE!!!
Richie rich (soup boyzz)
95 months ago
Sir ElectricPiya (Fools Knaves N Heros) ..can you tell us where to check your team ranking in terms of joining date 
95 months ago
awesome dany
95 months ago
who is next guest in coffe with dany ..lord chitti or lord alvi?
Lalith Ganesh (Wayne 11)
95 months ago
Next coffee episode is gona be "coffee with p.m -guest dani" :p
Tsoumendu (The Royal Assassins)
95 months ago
great post buddy.....
James Smith (Pranav Stars)
95 months ago
cool post
Sir Aditya Nandode (Aditya's)
95 months ago
Great post! How were u able to find the team number to be taken over?
95 months ago
Sir neo  with td vikas 


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