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Training -Special Episode of The Rising times :)

96 months ago
                                                              Hi Guys, In this Forum i have Combined Training Experience/Tips  from Different Managers , 



"I personally think Batting training is only good till your players reach mid/late blue levels in both Batting Seam and Spin. Once they are around Remarkable or Brilliant I would personally advise Batting Trainers to switch to either Batting Seam or Batting Spin training.
You know the pitch you have !
You know the league you are in !

Think ! Analyze ! If it is Spin dominated then choose Batting Spin and same goes for Seam dominated leagues. You would get faster POPs and your batsman would start scoring runs very soon winning you matches.

Train an entire season in one department, get all of your batsman to Fantastic, as that is a benchmark ! At Fantastic levels your batsman can survive almost all good bowlers in the game (obv. with a bit of help from probability gods)

Now once you are there (All your batsman reaching Fantastic in one) switch to the other department they would have reached almost to Exemplary levels. With almost 1.5 seasons of training in the other department your batsman would be balanced again. The time has come for you to take your pick in bowling training. Make your batsman a wee bit better in the bowling you will be training.

Ideally you would want all your batsman to be at least Magnificent in both Seam and Spin. You can get them to Masterful or even Supreme in the skill you would be training bowling.

Why not Masterful/Supreme in both Batting Seam and Spin ?
Salary ! The Salary would hurt you real bad ! I think you can make 1 or 2 such players but 5-6 such players in team would hurt you bad financially. This would not be sustainable in the long run."

"Well if you can manage your batsman to reach Magnificent/Magnificent in both departments when you end batting training it does not really matter.
Nonetheless if you have a trainee who is Exem/Exem by 21 or even mid 21s he is good.

At orange levels the sublevels make hell of a difference. You can have a trainee who is Exem/Exem by 21y65days but reaches Prod/Prod by 22y2days he is still good.

Do not forget you would need a couple of gems to give you that extra edge. And again be very wary of creating 5-6 Monsters as they would not be sustainable."

Sir DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana)


"Your batsmen should be good at both the skills. Not only in spin or seam. Unless there is a huge imbalance, stick to batting training. It generally takes 6-8 weeks for a batsmen to pop at high skill levels. I have currently Prod/Exemplary batsmen but they dont stand a chance against skillful bowling line ups like Kashyap/RIsky Jats etc.

 If you really want to sustain in top leagues, dont worry about the time taken and make your batsmen atleast 18K [Prod ++]. There is no point in having Brilliant basmen and changing your training mid-way for bowling as once you are done with batting training you are expected to have 6 solid batsmen and not worry for atleast 6-7 seasons. "



I see many people complaining about training,so i feel the time is ripe to reveal my share of tricks and secrets of this game.
Out of the 6 possible trainings i would suggest you to begin with BM training. Why?! I will be answering it as we progress through this post. Before you begin, you have to pick trainees who are useless in Variation and age below 18 years[3000-5000SI]. Try to get the above prescribed type of players as many as you can out of the 6.
Now inorder to train 6 bowlers of same type needs  little adjustments to be made in the bowling order, i,e, we need 42 overs to train 6 bowlers completely, but we have only 40 overs per week,so optimize 5 bowlers to bowl 7 overs each per week and one lesser favored bowler bowls 5 overs per week. This way 5 bowlers are trained to the maximum while 1 gets 71.43% of maximum training. In 3 seasons or 30 weeks, you will have 5 bowler with 30000 and one bowler with 25000 skill indices. (approximately)

So we go back to the question of why BM training over all others to begin with?!
The answer is simple, We now have an extra player with 25000 skill index, we sell him in the market and get 25M cash. With this cash we can comfortably switch to Batting training by buying world class youngsters.

Advantages :
No need to buy seamers(if training spinners and vice versa) to train your 6 bowlers.
All your trainees get full experience.
Extra player when sold at end of training boosts your finances.
You will be forced to play 6 bowlers,thereby reducing your batsmen to 5 every match.(short term loss for long term profits[think about it]) If you feel this disadvantage is too much to bear, train only 5 bowlers then, trade off for profit you would get at end!
Why BM over BV?
Because BM is way faster than BV to train. Also, BV is optimized for 10 trainees, you will neither have the resources nor the patience to train BV. Also BM training helps increase in BV by say 50% compared to BV training. Hence, BM is ideal!
But,after you reach 30000 SI, it would be better to improve your bowler variation to reliable or accomplished by giving BV for a season or two for an ideal bowling attack!

Note : I challenge anyone who can propose a training strategy faster and better than this! ^_^*
And yes i'm an egoistic bastard! Thank you!!

                                                                                        BY SoulCollector (Frozen Throne)


"Well, i joined the game in mid-way of season 5 joined via invitee of soul collector. i did nothing in season 5 set default training as batting and was giving batting training to my 27-28 yr old "uncles" i got promoted by fluke and then my mentor told me to buy young trainees and train in 1 department... i had one young spinner in my side and i decided to train spinners but i dint have enough cash. and the prices for the so called "perfect trainees" wer damn too high..

so i bought 18 yr old average or rel bowler.. and started bowling training from season 6. after that i started collecting more money and kept replacing with better trainees bowling training takes dedication. cause after a stage you get easily bored of it. and things will pop up in ur mind saying should i change my training to batting or something. but if u want to achieve success dedication in 1 department is the way to go.. and yes u can mix up a few bv trainings in middle to maximize your training and minimize the weeks. and you will know how to do it by experience. when i started training in bm spin. i lost quite a few matches. but i always believed one day it will return me the favour. and it the bottom line is.have faith in ur young guns because in few seasons . they are the ones who are gonna make ur name proud and ur team proud in hitwicket "

                                                                                                       BY Sir Td Vikas


"When I started Hitwicket- Honestly, I was not interested in much in the game- was just too slow for my taste.. So I wasted first 1 season completely..

By second season later part- I just kept my training in BV as that did not need much changes every match or anything..

But thn I realized- What all mistakes I am making!

I mean- I had once a player who was Mediocre in BM /Average in BV- How stupid was that!

So I talked with few managers- Hyades, Nemesis- and went in Forums about different training strategies

And FInally decided to go with BM Spin!


Simple- At that time, Spin trainees were easily available!

And Bowling trainee gives you better result in 2 season- as you can always turn those bowlers into all rounders, but not the other way around!

Now about BM Training:

I am sure if you search a lil, you will get complete idea about BM training- but if have to give you a brief idea, these are the points you should remember:

1. It takes 3 weeks initially for BM jump at 17 years age 2. It will take 4 weeks from late 18 to late 19 years- depending on Skill level 3. After that- 5 and 6 weeks (After Exemplary- always assume 5 weeks for a 19-20 year old- though it can be 4 weeks in rare cases)

4. With around 12 BM- BV will turn to Useless to Med, 14-16 for Med-Average and thn more BV training might be required!

5. Some managers believe it is better to start with BM, others believe it is better to start with BM- but everyone will agree that Ideal trainee is 17.40- Rel/Useless types!

6. Spend more on Trainees- As they will be worth it in future- BUT SPEND ONLY AS MUCH AS YOUR FINANCE allows you too.. If you need 4 trainees and have 40M, dont spend 20M on one.. Rather have 4 decent trainees of 10M each or so!"

                                                                                                            BY Sir Priyansh Modi


Diary of a wicketkeeper trainer

The beginning:-

·      Started my career in hitwicket on 9-6-2013

·      Every team in hitwicket dreams that they should have a good batting line up or good bowling lineup

·      I was a bit frustrated which one to choose

·      Then rumours started that this game is all for bowlers,then I wanted to show them that is wrong,batsmen too  have an equal chance,so started batting training.

·      Mean while my training was not much satisfactory to me,no money to buy good players in auction,whenever I go to auction,I see managers buying  players with a huge amount,I used to think ,how would they manage their finance? How much time would it take for them?

·       Some sort of unsatisfaction was going around my mind ,whenever I see my team.

·      Then thought of some different strategic plan


·      However i was gifted with with good young players by my scout and  I was packing up my team for  u20 3

·      got 3 17-18y  rel bowlers, and2-3avg/rel batsmen,mediocre  keeper

·      thought I was blessed :P

·      my strategic plan didn’t  get good response,every manager said that would be waste of time ,as u all know I m some kind  of crazy, thought  too try out that strategy myself:P



The Experience:-


·           started my fielding cum wk training from 14-9-2013

·      was good to see my young players popping up in fielding week by week

·      at the same time I noticed my players potential was decreasing week by week ,even they have rel in batting or bowling skills ,they were not playing upto their potential

·      firstly thought my opponent s were powerful,ofcouse they were as they were in different training, bowling or batting, even those teams which I won on them also started beating me up

·       at that time, where I felt  guilty about myself for ruining my team,

a spark of faith gave me life that is none other than my wicket keeper popped from mediocre to average gave 30 mrp.I was shocked to see that 30 mrp,I didn’t realize how I got those points


·          I was very much happy to see such mrp for such small pop up,then my training in fielding boost  increased in my mind,thought off to move onJ

·          Loosing of my team matches has become a habit to me as some of u have a habit of winning ;)

·          My old players who were given to me at the joining of my HW started to drop in fitness,but I coundnot control myself to see my old players who were strength of my team going down,opponents thrashed my oldies like anything

·          My main bowler who was acc/mediocre started giving more than 40 runs in 4 overs

·          Slowly my young age players were loosing everything but boosting in fielding,I was guilty  that I was wasting their age,instead they would  be good bowlers and batsmen

·          But my wk was doing good

·          His star ratings increased,he used to take min of 2 catches in a game

·          His highest was fourJ

·          So,I thought to drop out from my strategic plan,it was the end of u20 3

·          My team didn’t do well in u20 3,they won only 2 matches,out of 7,I thought all this was due to wrong training to wrong players

·          So I made out another plan ,as 9 out of my 15 players in u20 3 were eligible for u20 4 ,so thought to sell of them and bought less si young players with min rel or acc in fielding and also who were eligible for u20 4

·          So,the plan which I made out was to continue  my wicket keeper training with that player and make him till exemplary and then go for batting training

·          All my oldies who were goldies really lost their radars and gave out runs because of poor fitnesses,so I sold them off tooJ

·          Here , in my plan another master stroke idea came out- as I sold my all young and old players, my hitwicket  finance raised like anythingJ,so thought to increase my finance till my wk becomes exemplary

·          Before my selling of players my team was in balancing mode in both winning and loosing

·          After selling,due to all losses,my  fans started leaving,at first I took it light,but afterwards I came to know where it is effecting,it is ruining my stadium  finance

·          So to bring  my team again balance mode,I need to buy players, which effects my finance now,indirectly they too will loose fitness again same problem continous

·            For this I came up with a solution ,I started buying  old players 27-30y with less skills  for example:- avg/avg batsman or avg/useless bowlers or reliable/useless or rel/hopeless bowlers in good fitnesses

·            It really worked me a lot, it proved experience also plays a     major role

·            Heres the example for it

The Epic Ending:-


·      So my training would last for next 7-8  weeks max,may be in season 10, I may change my training to batting

·      As u all know ,we can train 2 players in wk,currently my players

Are in these levels



·     I m gonna sell of the younger one ,who will be brilliant by the last training ,he receives

·     The elder one will be in my hitwicket team throught my journey continues in HWJ.he will b progodious by then,I hope.


·     Till date I managed my HW balance to 2.6 crores,by the end of season 9,it may reach 3 crores easilyJ

·     After selling the younger keeper I will get easily 1 croce

·     So my bal would be 4 crores(40000000 yepJ)

Future vision:-

·                      As I already hav 3 experienced batsmen in my team,I will buy 3 or 4 very young trainees and start my training in batting

·                      And for the counter part of bowling,I will get 3 to 4 rem/useless  bowlers

·                      Estimation:-

3 to 4 young trainees  -24M

3 to 4 old bowlers-12M

(according to present market values)

The left amt will use for stadium upgrade

·     In this way I m gonna make my team perfect,

·     As I m in 7th div right nw,with these players in hand ,I think i can easily go upto 5 th divisions or even i can survive with these players in div 5,so no wastage of money till then,and our finance will b flooded againJ

The Advantages and Dis-Advantages

·      Would be preferable for new coming teams(newbies) to make a perfect and profitable team,but only thing that u must have is patience 1)for loosing and 2) for pop ups

·      For higher level managers who  are planning for wk training,I must say u must leave ur hopes of promoting to higher div

·      As ur training leads to decrease in potential of players

·      Low si increase for the players

·      Gets good MRP for WK pops

·      Loosing matches must be a habit for newbies,should not be dissappointed ,whenever it hurts just think of u r main aim and what skills u want to see your wk in HW(I used to do soJ)

·      Younger players pops in fielding very fast upto exemplary,every two weeks.after that they take 3 weeks upto magnificent.

                                                    BY kaushik krishna


Fielding  :-                         

Usually Takes From 
Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 

Remarkable - Brilliant - 2-3 Again
Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks 
Magni-Mast-Sup - 5/6 Weeks

Advantage - Your Team Gets Good Fielding Skills 
Disadvantage - This Leads Your Team Gets Weak At Bowling & Batting 

Wicket Keeping 

Reliable - Accomplish - 2 Weeks 
Accomplish - Remarkable - 2-3 Weeks 
Remarkable - Brilliant - 3-4 Weeks 
Bri-Exem-Prod-Fant - 3 Weeks
Advantage And Disadvantage Are Same As Fielding


Usually Give Them On Between Break Of Season 
Advantage - Helps Your Players Giving More Stars

 Disadvantage - You Need To Skip Your Training For It

                                                                                 BY Sir MasterMind (Rajputians Chichoras)


96 months ago
Thanq :)
Ankur_12 (DXGeneration)
96 months ago

Ankur_12 (DXGeneration)
96 months ago
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Ankur_12 (DXGeneration)
96 months ago
Team Bjorn (Definite Disciples)
96 months ago
Sagar Reddy (Saurav Dada)
96 months ago
Information useful. But god all the photos were a lot more attractive..

Ankur_12 (DXGeneration)
96 months ago


kaukrishhh (SUPER SCOUTERS)
96 months ago
Ankur_12 (DXGeneration)

getting all the required players will take time

between that time all the newbies shud upgrade their training facilities,
here finance factor creates a lot of problem,after undergoing that,u only spend money for stadium upgrade and buying a player

to reach this stage normally a newbie takes time,may b acc manager

after that u will automatically know,when u will b having money,when u shud spend it,when to upgrade stadium  and u can mange ur finance,like we are doing nw:))))))))

Rishit Arora (dirtyboys)
96 months ago
awesome post Dani, it really helped ;) _^_
Hari Kishore (Chennai city Gangsta)
96 months ago
It would be great if levels of practice are included in ameture,normal and hard as in call of duty :P


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