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U-20 Dilemma Solved! (With Summary On Top)

VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2)
98 months ago
Hi Guys,
This is my Old Post- Made for U20-3, but when see some managers being confused- reposting.
Updated this for U20-4 and according to Market conditions and Game Conditions!

Short Summary for my Lazy Friends who Hate Long Posts (Yes, Yes- I know there are lot of you- Vamshi, Subhabrata, Saurabh, Etc etc):

  • Decide whether You can win or Not
  • If not- Dont make Loss In Purchases
  • Plan long term
  • Be Smart in Auction


  • This means all those Teams whose Trainees are nearly all eligible for U20-4 but are also already nearly finished Products- i.e. Trainees who are 19 years and so- giving 7+ stars
  • In Terms of Bowling stars= Top 4 giving 30 stars on Sporting is Good and in terms of Batting, Top 4 giving 30 against Seam And Spin is good
  • This teams, if they so desire- should try and Invest in 2-3 Genuine World Class Batsman (If Training in Bowling) or World Class Bowlers (If Training in Batting) who could also play for their Main team. i.e. 7 Stars Players at least
  • These will be the teams who wont need Finance in near term, but rather want to give their Trainees that extra experience and yes, they want to prove their friends a Point.
  • Play to Your Strength- If you are Batting Heavy Team- Buy 7 Good bowlers, Bowling Heavy Team- Buy 7 Good Balanced batsman or 9-10 batsman with 3-4 Specialist batsman. Believe me, during the Business end, you will realize their importance!

    • This means all those who know they are not gonna be world-beaters in U20 YET, still finding their feet in the League- Mostly teams with Set Trainees who arent yet World class and just starting the training
    • Majority of Teams will come here- even many of Top Division Teams will come here- Why? Because their Original Trainees are over 20 and the younger lot, still raw.
    • The aim of these teams should be Experience and reaching Knockouts, if possible.
    • The Teams here should NOT, and I repeat, should NOT invest millions behind a player they are not going to train, purely for U20-4.
    • The main AIM is to make slight Profit if possible and mainly gain experience- 7 matches means a lot in terms of experience.
    • So, the team which have no chance of reaching knock outs or winning most matches- should go for cheaper U20 players, so as to invest less.
    • Remember, U20-4 is not your Priority (IMO, at least).
    • Those who do not have loads of Cash- get 5-6 worst players eligible for U20 from market- there are many with the way people complain about scouts- and enrol for U20. At least your main players will get Experience, you will get 1.05M just to play (Assuming last time's model) and it will be fun. ;)

    • These are the most interesting set of teams.
    • It includes those teams which played Last u20 have 3-4 Players from it still eligible for this one- but the main trainees are not eligible. Or the Top Teams- again whose main Trainees are older- OR THE VERY NEW TEAMS- who will not be able to get 11 Young Players in the short time.
    • The best thing for you- Make Money. Make as much as you can.
    • Sell those U20 eligible players at right time- the ones which you are not training. People in 1-2 Pay Crazy amount for them, after all.
    • Use that money for Advancement in League.


    • See how many of your Trainees are eligible for U20-5
    • If more than 3 Trainees are eligible, than even if you have to pay 20-30% extra for a Player who is eligible for Next U20- do it. So- if a Rel/Rel batsman costs 1.5M who is 19 years old- a Batmsan who is 18.49 is better deal at 2M
    • Dont be in a Hurry to buy- Try to look at different players- many times, many players during day time go for cheap- Try your luck there!
    • SQUAD DEPTH is Crucial- So for a Bowling Team- I would rather suggest them to buy 2 Rel/Med and Med/Rel players for 1M each= 2M total rather thn 1 Rel/Rel player for 2M!

      Reason: Most Teams have one dimensional Bowling- Spin Heavy or Seam heavy- and those who have Balanced are normally Batting Teams with OK Bowling- so, Imagine this- You can have your specialist batsman against Spin team when you play them and Seam team when you play them. Another advantage- Such players are going for cheap.
      Though there is draw back of extra salary- so do think carefully!

    Btw- One Important thing- Play all your trainees all the match- at least as many as possible.

    Hope this helps at least some of those managers who are confused about U20!

    Btw- For your Age Reference of U20-4- Consider this player as Bench mark!

    You can thank Sir Maximus for this reference!!
    You will always know the exact age for each day!


    Ankit_Anand (Bihar Dabangs)
    98 months ago
    Sir Priyansh Modi (The Special One) i have registered. My batsmen are trainees only.

    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    97 months ago
    So, will you be spending heavily for U 20 4? :P
    VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2)
    97 months ago
    Give me Bedi and I will..
    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    97 months ago
    Bedi only Exem/Medioc D:
    Near Prodigious ;)
    VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2)
    97 months ago
    So seems like i will have better bowlers than you for this u20.. malhotra willhhigher sublevels, same skill..
    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    97 months ago
    Yeah, but I will have 9 batsmen too. :P
    Give me Malhotra and I give you Bedi. :P
    VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2)
    97 months ago
    Tempted but nope.. Malhotra is Kohli, people focussed on Sharma and Bedi, but Malhotra and Kohli went ahead.. :P
    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    97 months ago
    Any other good bowler at that age or even older with some nice skills? I will swap, pakka. ;)
    VarunNandode (Varun Nandode 2)
    97 months ago
    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    Abhimanyu Malhotra- Exemplary/Reliable- will be Accomplished before season 9 ends- interested? 22!
    MasterOfDarkness (Nemesis)
    97 months ago
    Too old. :/
    Would have traded if he were 20 years old.
    And, now, not needed. Thanks. ;)


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