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My mistakes in first 2 seasons of HW

Arun Sabarirajan (ASR XI)
99 months ago

I just want to put down all my mistakes and other mistakes I noticed in first two sessions of HW. Hope it might help others


1)      Variety in Bowling

Initially I thought having different kind of bowlers will help the team, like one left Arm fast, right arm med, Off spinner, Legge and Slow left arm etc. Its not real cricket, you strategy suppose to field your best bowlers even if all are right arm med. same goes for using off spinner for a team with more lefts and SLA for rightees.

So Variety in bowling won’t count here 

2)      Don’t under estimate the Opponent

In my first match I saw my friend trashed Avg team with bit above avg team. So thought I would also win easily, my 2 star batsmen got with in 3 over and I lost the match by 10 odd runs. So plan your game according to your strength not by seeing others 

3)      Train your strength not you weakness

Initially I got decent batting unit and weak bowling unit. So I decide to train my weakness, which some how helped me. It took close to 1 session for me to make mediocre bowler to Rel one. By that time my young batsmen wasted their age. Train one dept and buy oldies with good skills for other dept 

4)      Don’t get emotionally attach your players

Few of my AVG players performed in one or two matches so I kept on fielding them in main XI for no reason, Value his worth in the team and future to retain any player 

5)      Bidding on Auction

Just because some one is good or you want him don’t get into unnecessary bit war. Leave him you will another one with in a week. (Example Wicket Keepers)

Also don’t bit on some one whose dead line is 24 hours later or any thing. You money will be locked and you wont be sure you will get him. Again don’t be emotional 

6)      SI is not scale for evaluating a player

Value of player is how useful he is in your team not his SI. When you buy some or retain some one think about this contribution to the team not SI. 

7)      Sunday matches

Again fitness update happens on tuesday and form update on saturday so don’t setup your lineup on Friday. And there won’t be any notification for form change or fitness drop. You need to check training for fitness drop and individual players for form drop 

8)      Login before 2 hours of the match to confirm your Opponent

Trust me its not joke, some time you setup your lineup for BOT team and on match day some one will take that and can defeat you. So make sure that you check 2 hr before the match to ensure you don’t get surprise

All the experienced manager can add their mistakes as well


Sir Viral Vaidya (alphaQ)
99 months ago
i wish i had such info when i was a beginner, because i also made many of these mistakes pointed out by Sir Arun Sabarirajan (ASR XI)
Vikram Cina (vikramcina)
99 months ago
I learnt lot from the above info.thanks for the sugessions.

Priyank Agarwal
99 months ago
That's a perfect example of How to Help.... Unbelievable why senior managers didn't bothered to comment...

Deepak (Rock Stars India)
99 months ago
Yes.... This would have happened to lot of people.....
Ravi Bhadresa (Rajkot Rockers)
99 months ago
A good post to guide the newbies....!!
Learnt a lot from the post... Thanks
Er Kansal
99 months ago
nice post help new players a lot :)
Arun ark
99 months ago
your thoughts are all right.  i am just trainin my team in both battin and bowling skills. just checking what will happen in the end of the season.  my team dint win a single match in this season.
Ravi Bhadresa (Rajkot Rockers)
99 months ago
I would like to add one point,
Do not buy the players you dont want even if they are cheap. I am suffering from the mistake as i had 29 players when i kept buying average players at low price even if i was not in a need.
Now the problem is that i have to pay salaries and that eats away my finance. Even if i put them on sale, i have to pay the prevoius team a hefty amount so, not worth it. Cant train it as i can only train 6 players in bowling or batting and i already had those trainees.
So DO NOT buy players if u do not need. Save money, u will need them to upgrade facilities, expand staduim or buy old but experienced player.
Ravi Bhadresa (Rajkot Rockers)
99 months ago
@arun: Do not train batting and bowling both, instead pick up the younger side of ur team, see what are their strengths and train them accordingly, the pop ups of the player skills would be faster and will help u in the current season and the next season also. regarding the other aspect u can buy players from the market.
LastManStanding (TrOoPs Of MayHeM)
98 months ago
Nice guide for newbies like me


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