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How to get those Manager Reputation Points 101

DazedNConfused (Marilize Legajuana)
94 months ago
I have been seeing many posts by new Hitwicketers on how to gain manager reputation points ! Here are a few things that you can do to get promoted. (MRP stands for Manager Reputation Points)

1. Facebook Shares:
For the first 4-6 shares you get around 40 manager points, that sums it up to around 200 points in a week. Henceforth you get 4 points for every share two shares a day. That makes it 56 points in a week.

2.  Inviting and Mentoring:
By inviting you not only get 500 fans for the first five invites but also you get manager rep points once invitees gets promoted. Something like 10-30 points every now and then.

3. Stadium Upgrade:
A huge chunks of points are awarded for upgrading your stadium. I don't know how its calculated but we are talking in hundreds if you increase your stadium by 1000 seats. Expanding your stadium is always a good investment :)

4. Recruiting Youth:
20 points for recruiting youth.

5. Game Manual Feedback:
Go to the Game Manual and READ (This will help !) When you're done press "YES" and looo free points !

6. Visit Hitwicket Continuously for 15 days:
You get 30 points. 60 a month if you are hooked :)

7. Win League Matches:
This is what you are here to do right ? Then do it right ! You get 360 points for an undefeated season. In many of the lower divisions it is definitely possible :)

8. Manager Promotion Feedback:
When you get promoted a magic screen pops up and offers you free 50 points for giving a feedback about the game.

9. Buy Players From Auction Market:
This is not usually recommended for newer players. You get something like 10 points for a million.

11. Winning Your League:
You get 150 points for winning your league. Yup ! True Story ! :)

10. Upgrading Training Facilities:
100 points for each upgrade and a bonus 100 for fully upgrading your training facility ! That makes it a whooping 500 points for just upgrading your training facilities and rightly so. As a new user this should be #1 in your priority.

12. Connecting Hitwicket to your Facebook Account:
You get 500 points for this, if you haven't already connected it to Facebook.

14. Contribute/Participate in Forums:
4 points for first 100 likes, 3 points for next 100 likes, 2 points for the next 100 likes and 1 point henceforth. Mediocre managers will have to get promoted to Average level to get likes, this is for quality control of Forum space and rightly so. I get 2 points these days as I have been participating in the forums, that means I have already earned around 800 points via participating and contributing to the forums. You know those singles and doubles win matches :)

13. Complete the Tutorial !

This one is quite lame, if you have not completed the Tutorial you probably wont be reading this. But what probability has taught me is that anything is probable :). You get 3000 points for completing the tutorial.


Omniscient (Okkasami)
94 months ago
This :D

Devil's (devil's)
94 months ago
nicely compiled mate .....thnx 
Rahuls (kratos eleven)
94 months ago
Nicely compiled though needs to add twitter shares :)
Sidharth Narayanan
94 months ago
tanx 4 giving details in a simple manner

Rahuls (kratos eleven)
94 months ago
Also needs to add one time tagging of your invitees.
94 months ago
thanks broo
Maximus (The Gladiators)
94 months ago

Wonderful post DazedNConfused

Just a few small clarifications:

1.       Facebook shares

a.       First 5 – 30 points each

b.       Next 5 – 20 points each

c.       Then on – 4 points each

Maximum 2 shares allowed per day

2.       Inviting & Mentoring – 10 points for jump in every single level. We get 30 initially because they jump 3 levels for finishing the tutorial

3.       Stadium Upgrade – 1 point for every 10,000 spent

14.   Forums – Maximum points per day around 32/33/34…

Good job man… Keep the good work going…!


Debojyoti Saha (Kolkata Champs)
94 months ago
Satya Sagar
93 months ago
thnx a lot


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