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New Youth System

Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
94 months ago
Hello all,

We are now ready to launch our biggest feature of the year so far, The New Youth System.

The concept of pulling the youth every week seems quite popular with users, we get site traffic peaks on monday mornings. Clearly some ppl prefer to do this as soon as they get to office ;)

While we do not want to change the core of the luck based system too much, there are a few problems we want to solve with this revamp:  

#A) Reduce the gain from the 'lottery'. 
You get a bad scout and your rival get a good one who is sold for 1M+. Yeah we've all seen that happen..we think it's a bit unfair for a team to gain such a big advantage with just a bit of luck.

#B) Managers have no control at all on the quality of the youth.

#C) Transfer market is clogged with some really poor cricket players, mainly due to the scout.

Here are the changes:

1) Teams will now have to pay the scout a fixed weekly maintainence fee: 10k for local and 80k for international scout.

2) Players found by the scout will not join your team automatically. You will have to pay them a signing fee, which is relative to the quality of the player. So if you get a good player, you will have to pay more (this can be paid even with -ve balance). If the player is not good enough, then you can 'Reject' him without paying anything.

4) The market price of a player is likely to be much more that the signing fee. But by paying this fee, the financial gain from a good youth is reduced a bit. 

5) Due to this signing fee, managers (we hope atleast) are unlikely to recruit poor players. This should address problem #C.

6) Most importantly, you now have some bit of control on your luck, IF your scout moves abroad.

To explain a bit more on how we generate youth even now,
We randomly compute a player's skills within certain min and max limits in terms of Skill Index, i.e., the best possible youth and worst possible youth. All youth generated lie within this range.

When the scout is in India you can't do anythign about these limits. But, when he moves abroad you have some control.

The quality of youth you get through the International Scout depends on 2 factors:

- ICC T20 rank of the country: The higher the rank of the country, the higher is the maximum possible skill limit of the player that can be found. Aim for a higher rank.

- Percentage of the total Hitwicket Internationally placed scouts that are in that country: The higher the percentage, the lower is the minimum possible skill limit of the player. Not good!
If there are 50 scouts outside India and 30 of them in Australia, then the percentage for Aus is 60%. Aim for a country with lower percentage.

Optimize your country selection based on which factor is more important to you The ideal country for a scout is one that is ranked #1 and has just 1 scout in it. But it's unlikely that such a heaven will exist. ;)

Will you play safe by choosing a country with a high min skill limit but low max limit and aim for a constant supply of mediocre players?
or will you gamble by choosing a country with low min skill limit but high max limit to unearth a gem once in a blue moon..

Few things to keep in mind:

- If your scout is in India, the probability of getting a good youth remains the same as in the old youth system.

- Countries are unlocked for users randomly. The number of countries unlocked depends on your manager level.

- It takes the scout 5 days to move to a new country and find someone, during which time you cannot scout a player. Plan accordingly!

- ICC T20 ranking is updated on Hitwicket every Monday and Thursday at 10 am. Data is retrieved from the ICC website. Keep track of the cricket schedule to see which countries are likely to increase their rank.

-The Rank of India is a non-factor:
-- If India is ranked #4 and Srilanka #5, then the rank of Srilanka is taken as #4 in our computation.
-- If Australia is ranked #3 then it's rank is taken as #3 in our computation as it's not efected by removing India's rank.

- Lastly, random is still at the core of the system. So yes, you can get crap youth even in a rank #1 country even when you are the only scout. Just that it's less likely to happen.

Update: gonna be a bit strict at deleting comments on this thread to keep it short, plz excuse the rudeness ;)


Frank (salvation army)
94 months ago
@satyasarthak : that's fine...but just refer the price of each player......
Satyasarthak (Shree)
94 months ago
If yuo sell him u ll get way above that dont worry..and players like these are worth gold if you are training in should always think about the future value of your investment..not the present value
94 months ago
dai frank its too good..i got a worst youth player having 422 SI but i rejected him....
Angel Sitn
94 months ago
dear admins, as to the new feature of scouting in my profile pakistan and srilanka has been unlocked. As i am sending the scout there then the page opens like this

nternational Scout Terms of Use

hemant (Blade Runners)
94 months ago
@Angel : Try reducing Page Zoom to 90 or less.
hemant (Blade Runners)
94 months ago
@Ashrabh : In dat case only kashyap deserves to scout from number 1country :-P with higher manager level u r getting other perks too - live band / cheergirls squad etc... Dont underestimate them.
hariprasad (Telugu Warriors)
94 months ago
Sri Lanka and
West Indies  

 are unlocked for me, Any one suggest me which country is good to send scout?
94 months ago
94 months ago
netherland kyu nehi hain?! bechara dirn nannies
C_Shikhar (Dark knight risers)
94 months ago
@ devs, i suggest u add this post to faq, only a suggestion


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