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Personal Coach revamp

Sumit_Sharma (Mumbai Cricket Association)
16 months ago
I recently noticed that it's possible to buy Personal Coach Cards with hitcoins. And you can also purchase hitcoins with real money (not the in-game finance). However, I just thought that - what if a manager purchases hitcoins and uses them to invest in Personal Coach cards? Say, a manager purchases 2400 hitcoins for 500 INR and uses that to buy 4 pioneer kits (4*600 = 2400)? Then teams can easily get a big boost without actual effort, and if a manager is willing to invest 7,900 INR for 50,000 hitcoins, then you have the money to buy around 90 such pioneer kits, or more than 30 ultimate kits. This can make a team strong overnight. Read this - I know that there are a few managers against the use of personal coach cards, but I support the personal coach card. All I say is - kindly remove Personal Coach card from the store, or maybe make it ineligible to use bought hitcoins for Personal Coach cards (bought hitcoins should only be for all other features) and only make free hitcoins earned by playing, eligible for Personal Coach Card use. Otherwise, people will buy hitcoins and will buy PC Cards with them and take 0 effort to become masters of the game!



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