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Alliance World Cup 2020

Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne)
31 months ago

 The Alliance World Cup 2020  is finally here! It's about the strategy, it's about the team work and dominating the Hitwicket World. Sports is not just about an individual, but about the team, the alliance. Does your alliance have what it takes to clinch the prestigious title?

Massive Prize Pool!
2.5 Billion HW Cash up for grabs along with the prestigious Alliance World Cup Trophy! 







Rules and format announcement


Alliance locking & fixtures


Group stage begins


Group stage ends


KO fixtures release


KO rounds begin


KO ends


Announcing the result and prize dist.

Rules and Regulations 
  1. Teams will not be allowed to leave/join an Alliance during the entire world cup unless they are knocked out, so be very careful whom you pick! 
  2. All alliances with more than 5 members as of date 3/1/2020 at 11.59 PM IST will get automatically registered for world cup Alliance Squad.
  3. Teams can join/change Alliance till 3/1/2020, 11:59 PM IST after which Alliances cannot fire or add a team member until they are out of the tournament. 
  4.  Star Cap: There IS a star capping in place to ensure an even playing field.
    1. A cap of 15 will be set for Primary Skills
    2. A cap of 12 will be set for Secondary Skills
  5. Fitness: As it is. No change/modification
  6. Form: As it is. No change/modification 
  7.  Elite Academy: No change
  8. Squad: All the players from user’s squad will be available for the tournament unless the player is sent to EA. 
  9.  Player Experience: 3 of the players from your squad gain XP per match. Captain gets extra experience. 
  10.  Achievements: All the matches played during tournament will be counted for achievements. 
  1. Top 9 teams from each alliance will be selected for the series based on their team strength.
  2. Each team will get 1 challenge. The team can use this challenge to challenge any opponent of the opponent who is undefeated. 
  3. Once the opponent team is defeated, no other team can challenge the same team. Victory point is given only to the challenger when he wins the challenge match. 
  4. If the opponent has less than 9 teams, then per team less than 9, your alliance will get 1 victory point to your alliance score. For example, if your alliance has 8 members and your opponent's alliance has 6 members, then your alliance will get (9-6) =3 points while the opponent's alliance will get (9-8) =1 point. 
  5. Preparation Day: Preparation Day lasts for 24 hours starting at 12:00 AM IST (3/1/2020). Users can do the following during this time: 
    1.  Scout the opponents and strategize which user should challenge which team. Set their defence lineup. 
    2. This lineup will be used when the opponent teams will challenge your team. 
    3. Defence lineup gets locked when the preparation time is over and cannot be changed throughout the match day. 
    4.  Donate players to your alliance teams and receive players from them. 
    5. Once a player is donated, the player cannot be taken back for that round and nor can the receiving team kick that player. 
    6. Each user can donate only 1 player per round and receive 1 player per round. Donation gets reset after the round is over Match Day: match day lasts for 24 hours starts at 10:00 AM IST. 
  6. Users can do the following during this time:
    1.  Challenge the opponent team. User can challenge any opponent team which are eligible for the match. The challenged match will take place at the opponent’s pitch
    2. User can challenge opponents at any point of time during the match day 
    3. User can set his lineup on challenging the opponent and can also view the opponent’s defence lineup which will play the match. 
  7.  Bonus Challenge: Each alliance will get 1 bonus challenge. A bonus challenge can be used by any alliance member after his regular challenge has exhausted. Be careful who uses the bonus challenge since it cannot be reversed! 
  8.  Alliance Series Winner: Alliance which scores the maximum victories will win the alliance series. If the victory points are tied then The team which used less number of challenged will be declared winner (including bonus challenge). Team with higher NRR will be declared the winner. The alliance NRR is the addition of all the matches played in that series 
  9.  Round 1: Group Stage: Each group will consist of 4 alliances. 
  10. Each alliance will play 1 series with every other alliance in the group Top 2 alliances will qualify for the next round 
  11.  Round 2: Direct KnockoutsEach alliance will play 1 alliance series in each direct knockout round. Winner of the alliance series will proceed for next direct knockout round.
  • Rank 65 - 128: 1M per team

  • Rank 33 - 64: 2M per team

  • Rank 17 - 32: 3M per team

  • Rank 9 - 16: 4M per team

  • Rank 5 - 8: 5M per team

  • Rank 3 - 4: 8M per team

  • Rank 2: 15M per team

  • Rank 1: 25M per team

Note: All Alliances with at least 6 members will be automatically registered for the Trophy. Search for an Alliance and join to play in this Tournament.


Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne)
31 months ago
If your alliance has more than 5 active members on or before 03/01/20,  11:59 PM IST, you will be automatically part of the Alliance World Cup 2019. 
23 months ago

STAR CAPPING has now been enabled for the Knock Out Stage, with a cap of 15 for Primary Skills and 12 on Secondary. 

Due to a mistake on our end, Star Capping wasn't correctly deployed for the Group Stage. We apologize for this inconvenience. To ensure consistency, we shall make it a point to implement Star Capping for the KNOCKOUT stage.

22 months ago
Why to organise such tourny.... where winner is decided once again those money mongers are gonna win this wc... congrats deadly 5 .... once again devs proved that strategy ain't important to win one of the most prestigious cup of a strategy game ... a bunch of fools can defeat u by spending some bucks ..... I sometime think if there were no money purchases... noone would have heard the name of Deadly 5 ..... good going devs continue the good work..... Deadly 5 will keep on winning these money minded tournaments till the format isn't ammended... no use of planning and strategy what u need is money to be the champion.
User_65249 (Mumbai Wonders 7475)
22 months ago
User_65249 (Mumbai Wonders 7475)
22 months ago
Ishfaq Khatk (Ishfaq Ironmen)
22 months ago
When HW Worldcup will start?
User_65249 (Mumbai Wonders 7475)
22 months ago
जय श्री राम
Pankaj (Anu Atoms 5083)
22 months ago
Daniel Kindu (Noida Team BMA)
22 months ago
hi all
Rakibul Baidya (Roaring Bengal Tigers)
22 months ago
Hello guys i create new alliance SOUL please join us and make stronger.
Rakibul Baidya (Roaring Bengal Tigers)
22 months ago join my alliance SOUL please
Rakibul Baidya (Roaring Bengal Tigers)
22 months ago
Any one can join. Only active member can join join now. SOUL


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