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hpl 9 (auction)

33 months ago
Hello guys well come HITWICKET PREMIUM LEAGUE HPL ( AUCTION) ORGANISERS KAMRAN MORE SPONSOR ARE WELCOME REGISTRATION FEES - Normal 2CR leader 3cr Total 48 team participate 8 clan Credit Based Tourney, so please register if you have Credits. 1. six team per clan 2. It is a total Clan Based Tourney 3. Teams are Classified based upon their TSI Levels 4. TSI Levels L1:- 400k - 500k L2:- 500k - 650k L3:- 650k - 800k L4:- 800k - 1000k L5:- 1000k - 1200k L6:- UNLIMITED ⛤MATCHES RULES 1. All match play normal matches 2. All matches played bet match 3. Home team send challenge 4 .Pitch custom 110 110 110 5. .No dummy player rules 6.Loan not allowed 7. Break rules team by opposite 8. Match tie ( both team 1-1 point) DEADLINE DEADLINE TO SEND REQUEST 9:30PM DEADLINE TO ACCEPT THE REQUEST 11:59PM DELAY 1:30 HRS ALLOWED FOR A VALID REASON,, SELLING OR BUYING PLAYER ,, OR TRAINING PURPOSE DELAY WONT B ALLOWED,, ⛤POINTS win 2 points By 2 points Lost 0 points ⛤PRIZE



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