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Hitwicket World Cup 2018

Soulcollector (The Frozen Throne)
43 months ago
The Hitwicket World Cup is Back and Bigger than ever!
National Championship in each country followed by the main event itself!

A National Championship will be held within each Hitwicket nation.
Hitwicket Managers can stand for elections to lead a Region/State.
All the Regions compete for the National Championship.
The winning manager will lead the Nation in the World Cup

A manager can nominate himself only in one region.
India will compete in the World Cup as a single team for the first time. The Team will be lead by the winner of the India Cup.

Category A 
(consists of nations having higher number of Hitwicket managers)
India  (30 States)
Pakistan  (4 Regions) 
Australia (4 Regions)   
Bangladesh   (4 Regions) 
England   (4 Regions) 

Only managers belonging to the same nation can nominate themselves in their own nation in Category A i.e, Only Indian managers can nominate themselves for any of the 30 Indian regions. Similarly, any Pakistani Manager can nominate himself for any of the 4 Pakistani regions and so on.  

Category B 
(consists of nations having lesser number of Hitwicket managers)
All other countries 
Any manager from Hitwicket can nominate themselves in any of the Category B nations   

National Cup
India will be divided into the 30 States for the elections and India Cup.
All other countries will be divided into North, South, East and West.
All non-indian players will be assigned a region randomly from the backend. eg: A player with country 'England' will soon show up as either 'England (N)' or 'England (W)', etc.

A manager can contest for the election in England (East). 
He will lead the team against England (N), (S) & (W)
If he emerges victorious, he will lead a combined 'Team England' at the World Cup!

India Cup   
Home vote: Every manager above MRP Level 6 and joined Hitwicket before 24.2.18 can vote once for one nominated manager from their region in India.   

Other Nations Cup : 
Home vote: Every manager above MRP Level 6 and joined Hitwicket before 24.2.18 can vote once for for one nominated manager from their nation(any region).   

Bonus Vote: Every manager above Level 11 MRP is eligible for bonus vote. Bonus vote can be used on any Nation/region. 

In case of a tie, the manager with higher MRP points will be declared as the winner.

All the best and let the games begin!


Prashant Ep (Blue Planets)
40 months ago
bhai, add me also
Saisriram (Saisriram Pinch Hitters)
40 months ago
add me bro
Ishmam (Chitagong Icebreakers)
40 months ago
I want to play
Smith 45 (SKS)
40 months ago
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Smith 45 (SKS)
40 months ago
challenge me bet match equal teams
doctor of Death (Abbas worriers)
40 months ago
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D E E P (P U N J A B)
40 months ago
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Aritra (Bengal Cc 7851)
40 months ago
add me please
Nikhil Bansal (Nikhil Royals 4820)
40 months ago
Add me
Bikram Bamrah (Scorpion Cyclone)
40 months ago
me !


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