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Varun Nandode Trophy: Alliance World Championship

Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
47 months ago
Gear up for the biggest tournament in Hitwicket history!

Varun Nandode Trophy: An Alliance World Championship
in memory of a beloved member of our team, Varun Nandode. This championship was one of the last discussions I had with Varun, it is appropriate that it is named after him and launched on the anniversary.

Massive Prize pool: 500 Million HW Cash up for grabs!

All Alliances with atleast 9 members will be automatically registered for the Trophy.
The Android and iOS app with the content update will be available by December 10th.
Plan and make sure your alliance has the required members!

  • Group Stage:  4 Alliances per Group
  • Each Alliance will take on the other in one Series
  • The Top two will promote to the Knockouts
  • A Series will consist of 9 matches 
  • The top 9 teams of each alliance will be paired against the top 9 teams of the opposition

Teams will not be allowed to leave/join an Alliance during the Group and Knockout phase, so be very careful whom you pick! 
Teams can however leave/join during the 4 days break between the two phases.

More information to follow in the next 10 days.

Note: All Alliances with atleast 9 members will be automatically registered for the Trophy. Search for an Alliance and join to play in this Tournament.


Dora (Baahubali Dora'S)
43 months ago
please add me
Ananth Kumar33 (Coastal Lions)
43 months ago
Bro Iam facing league switching problem help me
Ananth Kumar33 (Coastal Lions)
43 months ago
Form and Fitness effects on match check that bro
RAJAN KINGS (Noida Blaster 25 Team)
43 months ago
Raghav (Raghav Tigers)
43 months ago
yaa I agree with you.... this should not happened with anyone....
Jpritam (Royal India 5)
43 months ago
Hey gyezzz a huge 9 star batsman is ok sale for cheap prize have a look in my profile sale player and bid fast and a wicket keepar is also on sale all the best gyezz
Mohan Love u Ra
43 months ago
add me
Vishrut Rabari (ROYAL RABARI)
43 months ago
add me
Sr Bhujung (Beaters XI)
43 months ago
Looking for active alliance??? Join the only place in my alliance "Beginners" and play the match on Saturday and Sunday. If you become inactive, I will remove you for sure. Join ASAP
Blaze Z (Blaze XI)
43 months ago
its not true.. active Musketeer never make me win.. but i lost a lot of games. its true this game have no fairness.


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