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New Training System Explained

Varun_N (Led Zeppelin)
55 months ago

Training V 2.0 Thread

The aim is to provide a lot more simplified and interactive system where people can train with freedom in their line ups.

Check out the video -

This shall be launched from 8th of May 2016, Sunday!

What is the new System like?

  1. There will be a single training focus for both League matches of the week just like right now.

  2. The training will happen separately for each League match of the week.

  3. The training will not depend on the batting/bowling order of the matches. You can simply choose the players from the playing 11 to train them in your chosen training focus.

  4. A player must play in the match to be eligible for training, however it is not necessary for him to either bowl or bat.

  5. The same player cannot receive training for both matches in the week.

How does the Training V 2.0 work?

  1. After the first League match, choose the training focus for the week.

  2. Select the players you want to train for that match.

  3. Within 72 hours of the match end, click “Start Training” button to receive the training report after 24 hours.

  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for second league match of the week.

  5. Training for later match will be available only when earlier match’s training has either completed or expired.

What does this do?

  1. Freedom of Line ups: No missing trainings due to wrong line ups any more!

  2. You can now train your players in between a week. Get them trained for that big match!

  3. Easier to understand! No more complex formulae to calculate training share :)


Q: How will Wicketkeeping and Fielding training work?
A: After the first League match once you choose the training focus, Select the player that you want to train in Wicketkeeping from the list of players that played the match. All 11 players will automatically get Fielding training.

After the second League match, you can select the player that you want to train in Wicketkeeping from the players that played the second League Match except the one who got Wicketkeeping training in first League match. All players that played second League match but haven’t received Fielding training in first League match, will get the Fielding training.

Q: Can I train Bowling and batting in the same week for Match 1 and Match 2?
A: No, you can’t train in different types in the same week. The training focus remains same for the whole week.

Q: How does Fitness percentage with main training focus work?
A: After the first League match, your chosen players will get their main training, while all the 11 players will get the fitness training as per the percentage you have set.

After the second League match, for your main training focus you can choose the players from that match’s playing 11 except those who already got the main training focus training from the first League match. Whereas, All players that played second League match but haven’t received Fitness training in first League match, will get the Fitness training

Q: Can I change Fitness percentage for second League match training?
A: No, you can’t have different Fitness percentages for first and second League matches of the week. You have to set the same Fitness percentage for the week just like Training Focus.

Q: Do I need my batsmen to bat at position 1, 3, 5  OR my bowlers to bowl any overs to get training?
A: No, your player can be at any position or need not bowl any over. He just needs to be in the playing 11.

Q: What if a player gets sold before he receives the training?
A: If a player under a training session gets sold before he receives the training, then he does get the training.

Q: What if a player gets training after first League match and then is sold? Can he get training again in second League match in his new team?
A: No, he can’t get training again in the same week regardless of the team change. Last trained details of players are given on the players page when in auction for the same.


Reetam Mitra (Bengal Behemoths)
52 months ago
People missing the big picture here. This update still doesn't give any advantage for training all rounders. U can't train same player twice no matter what.
However there are 2 clear advantages at a first glance :

1. This is of immense help for managers interested in U20. This could potentially lead to some very strong u20 teams, compared to the teams that we see now.

2. This is of real help for all managers during the training transition phase, when ur bowlers have reached 24/25 and u wud wish to strt batting training and vice - versa. However u dont have enuff balance to buy 5 good trainees and can only manage to buy 3 at first. Then u can keep on training ur 3/5 bwlers in bowling and train those 3 new batters in the same week. Non-muskys can't do that,they will have to train batters only. While both managers will wait for a few more weeks say 6-8 wks to buy the rem trainees, chances are the musky manager will probably have 1/2 more bowling pop-ups in addition to training the 3 batters. This is potentially the biggest advantage of this update as there are lots of trainees in transition like me who dont have enuff funds to fill all the slots of the new training regime.

Hope others can share their insight on this!!!!
Sir Ankit Prajapati (PS eleven)
52 months ago
Reetam impressed with 2nd point u made. Agree with 1st one that y i made a point early on forum that now non musky hav no chance to win u20.
Arnab Pal (Crick Funners)
52 months ago
Agreed. Though am a musky, I accept that this dual feature gives undue advantage.
Ankit Sharma Sir (The Godfather)
52 months ago
check out this forum about new feature update for Muskys
Vikramvkm (Blazing razors)
52 months ago
Can i give batting training for wicketkeeper in fielding & Wicket keeping training
52 months ago
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AliSajjad (Deccan Mascots)
52 months ago
Everything good about the new update on training for Muskys. At the same time they should have allowed to train same player twice in the same week
Ankit Sharma Sir (The Godfather)
52 months ago
Never then it will be disadvantage to other teams playing hitwicket
Shivam Rathi (Rathi's)
52 months ago
I didnt like the bowling training feature.. Somewhere we are facing a problem dat everyone started keeping either only seamers or spinners in their team.. There must be an individual bowler training option .. Nd also the players opted for bowling variation option should get training twice.. :)
Thanku :)
51 months ago
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