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Star Rating (a.k.a. batting/bowling ability) detail

Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
106 months ago
This seems to be a bit of a black box to a lot of users, so thought I would explain further. Understanding this is important for users to spot weaknesses in a batsman and strategize accordingly.

# For batsmen
'Skill' (Batting vs seam/spin), 'Fitness', 'Form' and 'Experience' determine the Batting Ability for a player.

Consider a player 'Ramu Ramlal' having these skills
Accomplished Experience, Decent Form and Unreliable Fitness.
Batting vs Seam bowlers
Batting vs Spin bowlers

As you can see, he is quite good against spinners but relatively weak against seamers. The Hitwicket Suresh Raina, you can say.

Now before the match, the match engine calculates his batting ability against both type of bowlers.

Batting ability against spinners (Bspin) = SomeComplexFunction(Batting vs spin bowlers, Experience, Form, Fitness)
Batting ability against seamers (Bseam) = SomeComplexFunction(Batting vs seam bowlers, Experience, Form, Fitness)

Keep in mind the Star Rating is the avg value of his batting ability against each delivery.

Case #1, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'x' balls, all from spinners.
Ramu's Star Rating = (x * Bspin) / x

Case #2, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'y' balls, all from seamers.
Ramu's Star Rating = (y * Bseam) /y

Case #3, during the match Ramu Ramlal faces 'x' balls from seamers and 'y' balls from spinner
Ramu's Star Rating = ((x * Bseam) + (y * Bspin)) / (x+y) 

- Therefore, if Ramu were to face only spinners in his innings, owing to his superior spin batting skills, his star rating will be much higher than it would be if he faces only seam bowlers. 
- Apart from the bowling style (spinner/seam), his star rating is not effected in any way by the ability of the bowler he faces. good bowler, bad difference.

Update (Rule change 16/2/2014)
- Sporting, Green or Crumbling wickets do not increase or reduce the star rating of batsmen. A Flat wicket increases the star rating of batsmen.

Sorry the engineer in me makes me talk in formulas, let me know if any more clarification is needed. If ppl are able to understand this, then I'l make a similar post for bowler rating too tom.
suggestions to improve the description in manual based on the above stated facts are welcome. We don't want every user to read all this to understand how it works, thats no fun :)


Sir Kashyap (Army Ants)
106 months ago; background-position: 10px 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Shamu Shamlal

He is a 20 yrs 6 days old, Right-hand batsman, who bowls Off break.
His experience level is Useless and currently in Good form & Superb fitness. His Skill Index is 16,882and is paid a Salary of Rs 122,400 every week

Bowling main
Bowling variation

Before EACH DELIVERY the engine calculates,
Ball power = SomeComplexFunction(Bowling main, Bowling variation, Experience, Form, Fitness, over number, pitch type, Left/Right batsman)

How 'over number', pitch type and left/right batsman combo works is all in the manual.

The final star rating of a player is the average of the above calculated value, over is entire spell.
Shamu's Rating = (sum of Ball power of each delivery) / total no of deliveries

As you can see, the bowler's star rating has nothing to do with the quality of the batsman.

95 months ago
ultimately the star rating difference decides the outcome of a delivery

where the bowling team dominates over batting team, the bowlers must have been stronger than batsmen

a 1 star batsman facing a 2 star bowler is same as a 9 star batsman facing a 10 star bowler

for a team to become champion, it needs to have balance(not finance :p) between batting and bowling
there were better bowling teams than MFE, why did MFE go on to be the first and only team to snatch the title?  he had better batsmen, giving the required balance and to add to that better strategy
Maximus (The Gladiators)
95 months ago
Sir Sayak Ganguly

1.      Very few batting trainers is the reason for that... SUNRH was by far the best batting trainer I have seen in the U20, and he did get far ahead in the tournament… The numbers I gave was 1:20, so I guess you have the reason there itself… As more and more people train in batting, we might have a change in these stats…

2.      Same reason… Not many batting trainers available… The teams that could win the Premier were quite balanced, and were not just bowling oriented… May be they did train in bowling, but they needed a strong batting line-up too…

3.      The 1:20 reason covers this point too… In my opinion, once batting trainers train good batsmen like Rishav did, we will not have these issues…

4.      Yeah, we do find a lot of batting collapses… There is still work to be done in regard to “Intelligent Batting”

ColonelPritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
95 months ago
Sir Maximus (The Gladiators)
So ultimately to make batting training more attractive to managers, there need to be some changes. Then only the ratio can change to 1:1 or something ;)
95 months ago
Pritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
ultimately everyone has to train in batting, now or later
its a cyclic process

ColonelPritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
95 months ago
Sir CricmaniaC (Bengal Tsunami)
not necessarily be. I cud keep on training only in bowling and buy the batsmen.
Agent Smith (Neo The Nemesis)
95 months ago
it's not psychological -one is talking about effect of current star rating on an unbalanced batting team, it is unfair for those while unbalanced bowling team has no worries now. and for balanced teams they will not be affected by new star ratings so where's the harm ??.Sir Maximus (The Gladiators)
Sayak Ganguly (Warriors of Bengal)
95 months ago
Sir Kashyap

So ultimately I'm suggesting two changes.

1. Please work on some Intelligent Batting so that batting order does not collapsed after the wickets of two set batsman.

2. Please reduce the difference of SI between batsman and bowlers. In the statistics center the team strength shows according to SI, so bowling trainer gets the priority. It will be great if the both have almost same SI according to the skill.
95 months ago
Pritam (ObScuRe hOriZon)
you cant reach premier league training one department now on, though earlier it was possible
JoelJoseph (Team India no 1)
94 months ago


Uchiha▌Madara▌⌂Θ™ (WinterIsC0ming)
94 months ago
Flat pitch must make a difference in his stars dont you think?


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