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3 Rupees a Day. Some Reasons For becoming Musketeers

Agent Smith (Neo The Nemesis)
91 months ago
I am just giving my opinion on musketeer plan.if u don't agree then.... well i can't force you to be right :P

Guys HW musketeership is for 1125 for a year, that is roughly 3 rupees a day.
a cigarette costs 6 - 10 rupees according to brand and
a bottle of beer costs around 100 ( chakna included  :P leave it 1 day in a month)
a pouch of Rajnigandha costs 8 rupees ( add 4 for tulsi )
even the cheapest tobacco Miraj costs 3 rupees.
a glass of soda costs 5 rupees atleast
a cut tea costs 5 rupees

If you don't have any of these vices then it's time to choose one and i recommend hitwicket above all these.

obviously we can spend 3 rupees a day on hitwicket as it is giving us lots of fun and without any musketeers features we ought to do so , but they are also giving us some nice features for 3 rupees a day with lots of fun.surely you should spend 3 rupees on yourself  a day.and if you don't then it's not hitwicket who is losing something but you are.

people who are hesitant to buy a year plan can gift it themselves for their Birthdays. its just a 1000 buck gift to yourself which will be with you for 365 days.
i am going to gift this voucher of happines to myself on my upcoming birthday i.e. 22 May 2013.( yep ! just 2 weeks left :D)

you can think it over and over for a dozen times but in the end you should go for it, not for hitwicket but for your own satisfication.

thank you for reading this if you read at all . :)


Venky Meesala (The Strokers)
91 months ago
I am really waiting if there can be 1 month subscription so that I can manage my wallet well
Abhishek Kumar (The Winners)
91 months ago
@venky meesala....  the devs have already told tht 1 month subcription is nt possible.... so i dont think u shoul wait... go fr 3 months... u will nt regret it...
Venky Meesala (The Strokers)
91 months ago
I have to think about it but this post is awesome btw
Janarthanam (Dexterious Devangers)
91 months ago
Yes..  Musketeer is a really worth buy for the gamers.. we can analyse and implement strategy too for the welfare of our team.. simply it is used to improve our team performance by these stuffs available!!
Bala Chandar (Ballicon)
91 months ago

Cooooooool Thinking.. Appreciate the way u thought.... Many might ve decided to become Musketeer by this Forum.


I suggest you to ask ur share to HIT-WICKET guys for making their Money Box full. :-P  (Since this post might grabbed many)

Agent Smith (Neo The Nemesis)
91 months ago
ha ha ! :)

i ain't an agent or broker mate :P
Deekshith (stylish DADAs of CR7)
91 months ago
well i stated to think of that after seeing this post
credits for you :P
you should be editor of hitwicket :P
Mr Untouchable (The Outcasts)
91 months ago
excuse me.... can anyone explain me about pints.. what they mean and uses of it ?? 
DeathRiders (GoD of KiNGS')
91 months ago
Thats you can say HW currency..In their words

"We decided to estimate based on our upkeep costs and the development time it takes us. We figured the best way a user can show appreciation is by buying us Pints. \m/
A pint in a not-too-shady bar in Hyderabad costs Rs 75, we've decided to use that as our currency :D
You can buy 3 or 6 or 12 month Hitwicket Musketeer subscription using 'pints'."

so each pint costs Rs75
3 months subscription cost =6 pints=6*75
6 months=9 pints=9*75
12 month=15 pints=15*75
MJK (Real Warriors)
91 months ago
@Venky/Others, just check it out for Devs decision about 1 Month pack


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