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Welcome to the Hitwicket community! The community is the heart of the game and a healthy interaction between the community members is always encouraged. We encourage freedom of expression within the various public forums for the community but also advocate strong sense of responsibility in the process. The Hitwicket community is a privilege granted to you for good interaction. Make good use of it!

In a nutshell, this is what you need to keep in mind while interacting in the community:
  • Don’t be rude or disrespectful! No one likes it so if you’re rude & disrespectful to others in the community or about the game we all love, you will be penalized!
  • Unhealthy & abusive trolling is a strict NO! Abusing is not entertainment so if you indulge in it, you’ll be removed from the community!
  • Spamming repeatedly doesn’t resolve any issues or grievances but only creates nuisance! So, if you create undue nuisance while enjoying in the community, you will be ousted from it!
  • We like to stick to following rules so any content which violates the guidelines will be deleted!
  • Behave yourself! If your behavior is creating problems for others in the community, we will remove you from the community & deactivate your account!

Read the detailed basic & platform specific guidelines listed below to know more:

General Guidelines

Abuse & Threats: Abusing and /or threatening the game, developers, moderators, admins or any user in the community is strictly prohibited & will result in immediate ouster from the public forum and might also result in account being banned or deactivated.

Racial or Ethnic hatred: Racial abuse or abuse over someone’s ethnicity in terms of language, website links, pictures, videos or graphic content is strictly prohibited. National or Geographic hatred: No posts, language, videos, photos or any other type of slur related to geographical or national roots of a user/s & or admins will not be tolerated.

Religion or cast based hatred: Any reference or content aimed at mocking or abusing anyone’s religious beliefs will not be tolerated in the Hitwicket Community.

Gender & sexual orientation: No posts with specific hatred directed towards sexual orientation or gender of a player is unacceptable & will not be tolerated or encouraged.

Threatening violence: No player or group of players must resort to threatening violence against other players, group of players or the developers on the public forums of the game.

Third party advertising & promotions: Third party ads, posts, products & content which is irrelevant to the game will not be allowed on the public forums.

Selling your account: Selling your Hitwicket account through social media group or in- game forum will result in immediate removal from all public forums and might also result in permanent deactivation of the account.

Hitcoins for bids: Offering or accepting Hitcoins in return for inflated bids in the Player Auction is strictly prohibited in the game. Users using public forums in the game for this activity will be removed from the public forums & their accounts will be deactivated.

Reporting Cheating cases: All cheating cases must be reported only through Use of any other public forum of the game will result in an immediate ouster from the forums.

The Hitwicket Admin staff reserve the right to limit or suspend your access to the public forums for reasons that include but not necessarily limited to the above general guidelines.

Platform Specific Guidelines

The Hitwicket Forum

The Hitwicket forum is the in-game platform for interaction between Hitwicket managers & the developers. The forum is meant to serve as a trusted source of information seeding & important announcements in the game.

The Hitwicket Community members are expected to adhere to the following Forum specific guidelines:

  • Use of foul, abusive & threatening language for other users and/or admins is strictly prohibited.
  • If users encounter any abusive or inappropriate content, they must report it through the Hitwicket forum itself. No other social media platform must be used to voice the concern.
  • The forum is strictly for following in-game announcements, helping other managers & promoting other in-game activities.
  • Spamming the forum with irrelevant posts could result in deactivation of account.

Facebook Group & Page

The Hitwicket – Official Facebook Group is meant to be a convenient & useful platform for meaningful discussions & interactions within the Hitwicket Community. The group is meant for connecting & interacting with other managers from different geographical, professional & ethnic backgrounds while helping the community learn, understand & engage with the game in a friendly environment.

The Hitwicket page is the official social media voice of the brand & talks about the important features, updates, contests etc. through daily posts. The page is not the forum for personal & informal interaction with fellow managers. Any abusive, threatening, provocative and spam posts on the page timeline might result in deactivation of the in-game account.

The Hitwicket Community is expected to adhere to the following Facebook group specific guidelines:

  • Spamming the group with irrelevant, abusive content is strictly prohibited.
  • Cheating reports / cases will not be entertained on the Facebook group / page. All cheating related cases must be reported only to
  • Having fun with good humor is always welcome in the group. But personal, unhealthy and abusive trolling will result in immediate ban on the initiating user and the users supporting the cause. Teaming up with other users for the same will result in removal of all involved users.
  • Users seen posting third party page links, website links & irrelevant content from third party pages will be blocked & removed from the group permanently.
  • The Hitwicket Admins reserve the right to delete suggestive, provocative & abusive posts from the group at their own discretion without intimating or seeking explanation from the user/s. Teaming up to abuse or inappropriate trolling of the game, admins & moderators for the same will result in a permanent ban from the group.
  • Sharing a deleted post repeatedly on the group will result in ouster from the group.
  • Exploiting in-game features & bugs will result in a ban from the group & might also attract deactivation of your Hitwicket account. Hitwicket Admins reserve the right to decide the extent of feature exploitation.
  • If your Facebook account has been banned from the group, creating new FB ids for re-entering the group will result in removal of all your Facebook ids.
  • Reporting multiple accounts (Multis) in the game is strictly prohibited on the Facebook group. The cases must be routed only through
  • No cases of in-game abusing or abuse on personal chat conversations will be entertained on the Facebook group. Starting a confrontation or discussion by posting the issue in the group will result in immediate removal from the group.
  • Selling of Hitwicket account by advertising in the Facebook group is strictly prohibited & will result in ouster from the Facebook group & permanent deactivation of account.
  • Users seen offering and / or accepting Hitcoins for inflated bids on the group will be blocked permanently from the group & might also result in permanent deactivation of their account.
  • Healthy discussion & suggestions are always welcome on the group. The users must take care that the discussion must not turn into confrontation with other users or admins.

Facebook Group Moderators

Basic Responsibilities of Moderators

  • Make sure all the community guidelines are strictly adhered to with respect to content posted in the group
  • Be the official & seamless communication channel between the group & developers. Report important/glaring bugs to developers with required details.
  • Ensure that the newcomers in the game and group are given a welcoming environment by all the group members.

The Moderators of the Hitwicket Official Facebook Group have earned their position based on the time they have spent in the game, their reputation & rapport with the community & their previous record as moderators in other forums. Hitwicket team completely trusts the appointed moderators to ensure that the community guidelines are adhered to & take the right decision or suitable action whenever and wherever needed. The moderators group may be expanded in future based on the suggestions given by the current moderators as they are in the best position to know the requirements of the community.

For users resorting to repetitive, irritating, rude, irrelevant & unwarranted posts, quarreling or fighting with the moderators or other users, the moderators can take a call about penalty by discussing & consulting with all other moderators after initial warnings. Moderators can collectively penalize up to 2 users per month for these violations.

Moderators have the power to remove a member the group for violation of guidelines & decide the duration of the penalty, but they do not have the power to accept the member back in the group. After serving their penalty, users must mail requesting their acceptance as the Hitwicket Support team isn't active on Facebook group. The support team will take a call on acceptance of the member in the group based on your email.

FAQ for Moderators

1) What does a moderator do if a group member is abusing other members in the group?
Firstly, Moderators will take a screenshot of the objectionable post / comment of the concerned user & post it on the "Moderators Only" FB group.
Once they have recorded the post in the group, they can proceed to remove the user from the group.

2) If a friend of the banned user posts in the group demanding to know the reason, what should be the plan of action for moderators?
The moderators should inform the friend of the concerned user that he can write a mail to support (or Aditya) requesting an explanation for the removal from the group.
The moderators will not post screenshot of the concerned post to give any explanation to the friend of the user.
Moderators should make it clear that emails from friends of the ousted user will not be entertained. Explanation will only be given to the concerned user.

3) What should the moderators do if a user publicly starts questioning their authority & accuses them of favoritism?
Moderators must ask the user to write a mail to support (or Aditya) expressing his concern about the specific moderator & his actions. The Moderator/s in question must not engage in confrontation with any user in such cases.

4) What should a moderator do if a group of users keep posting same or similar content asking explanation for removing a certain user?
Moderators must first take screenshots of the posts (2 or more) & post in the moderators group. They should then ask the group of users to inform their friend to send a mail to support (or Aditya) seeking the explanation.
In the meantime, they should delete all the repetitive posts while clearly informing the users about it.

5) When a group of users start polarizing the group over a certain issue, how should the moderators handle the situation?
The moderators must clearly warn the involved users in the group asking them to stop while making it clear that all those involved will be removed if they continue the the rant in the group or on the post after the warning.
Screenshots of the conversation in question muse be shared in the moderators group before taking action against the involved users.

6) What should the moderators do when users post personal chat screenshots accusing other users of abusing?
Moderators must make it clear to the user that Hitwicket will not concern itself with personal abuses among users. Users should block the concerned user on personal chat. No such posts should be allowed on the group & should be immediately deleted.
Users repeatedly posting the chat screenshots should be removed from the group.

7) If user posts in-game chat screenshots or comment screenshot accusing someone for abuse, what action should the Moderators take?
Moderators should clearly mention it to the user that chat screenshots will not be considered as valid evidence & the fact that it will not be encouraged in the group either. The only way to complain about abuse is to click the "Report Abuse" button in chat. Users should also be informed that they can block the particular user on Hitwicket directly.
If the report abuse option is not available, user must be asked to bring this to notice of the moderators so it can be handled by concerned Hitwicket personnel.

8) How should the moderators respond to posts in the group reporting "cheating" cases in the game?
Moderators must cite the community guidelines & inform the user that cheating cases must not be entertained into the group but should only be reported using the "Report Cheaters" feature in the app & then proceed to delete the post from the group.

9) How do the moderators classify the extent or severity of the users' inappropriate posts?
The inappropriate user actions will be classified into 3 categories :
a) Low - Minor offence & first time offenders
b) Medium - Repeating same offence after initial action
c) High - Blatant abuse & spamming, paying no heed to multiple warnings from moderators
For e.g., a user indulging in personal abusive tussle in the group for the first time can be classified in the "low" severity criteria. The same user becoming a repeat offender after the initial removal will be classified into the "medium" category while user/s indulging in blatant abusive content regarding the game, users & moderators in-spite of repeated warnings, will classify as "high" on the severity criteria.
Moderators will have to take a call on the severity of the offence depending upon the particular situation. In case of a dilemma, they can discuss the same with the other moderators & Aditya in the Moderators group before taking any action.

10) What will be the extent of punishment for the notorious users?
Low : 15 day ban from the group
Medium : 45 day ban from the group
High : 6 month ban from the group